Tandem mobi

Hello everyone,

It’s anyone already using the tandem mobi? It seems there are some using it since October 13th at least. I enrolled for the limited launch, but still hoping to hear something from tandem :pensive: the mobi app and a review is already available on app store!

The CEO said a few days ago that there’s just a few hundred people using it, and they’re mostly Tandem employees, though they are also working with 2 clinics with a handful of their patients. They haven’t started rolling it out to anyone outside that very limited group yet, though. I keep hoping… He did also say that the feedback has been overwhelming positive, which I take to mean they’ll be scaling up launch soon.

There was someone on Facebook posting that she got it. She confirmed the app was very different from T:connect, in that you can do everything you can on the T:slim, including extended boluses, and that you can bolus direct from pump that same way the “quick bolus” feature works on T:slim.


When you think about it mobi is nothing but the same x2, with smaller size, smaller capacity and full mobile control. It doesn’t actually provide any better treatment but just more discretion for the users who prefer it that way. The patch pump sigi (they acquired a Swiss company) they’re planning to release in 2027 is something that should have been available right now. Omnipod market share is increasing and they don’t really face any competition with tubeless system. Beta Bionics already released first stage 5 insulin pump ilet. They’re already working on next stage 6 pump(category) when glucagon is ready in the same pump as a dual hormone pump. If only all of these companies would merge,I’m sure all of them together could achieve one great product rather than fragments of it scattered all around the market :unamused:


My pump warranty runs out in June. Seems perfect time frame to get the kinks worked out and get some inventory built up.

I am very happy w my t2 and I figure it will let me have more options with the mobi.

I wonder about the phone control though. I have the capability of bolusing w my phone already, but I really never use it, bolusing from my pump is so easy to do.

I suppose I’ll get used to using my phone.
Having it be smaller and putting in places thst I can’t use now is very appealing.

Looking forward to seeing some feedback though from new users in the coming months

while it looks like the Mobi aims to be like Omnipod, there are some risks with both:

  • smaller size equates to a smaller battery, so more frequent charging (for Mobi)

  • smaller size also means a smaller Bluetooth antenna, so much greater risk of radio-frequency interference (RFI) with the also-smaller Dexcom G7 (this already affects my X2/G6 when I visit a BestBuy, Apple, or cellular carrier store)

  • break or lose your phone, you’re back to injections until repair/replacement ($$$), so phone insurance might be an extra cost to include in the budget

  • forget about getting the latest phone when it first goes on sale, you will have to wait (1 month?) for compatibility testing

I am MDI and thinking of switching to Mobi as it hits all the marks for me including shorter tubing. All of you input has been helpful

I too, am on MDI and plan to switch to Mobi . Getting tired of doing everything 54 years and ready for smart pump!. If nothing more, to allow me to sleep a full night without having t o bolus or eat!
Love that it is waterproof and can swim laps without disconnect. Hope they release soon!

I am unable to switch to mobi in December (now):sweat: I tried but no success :unamused:. On tandem website it says it’s water resistant(ip28) not water proof. Meanwhile beta Bionics announced that their iLet insulin pump will integrate dexcom g7 software update on 12/18 almost in a week time. For the moment the new software update is not allowing the user to announce meals (for bolus without carb entry) from the app on the phone. But soon they’re planning to do that as well. Once the target BG can be set as 100 I’ll seriously consider iLet. You just insert your body weight and announce meals, no carb counting.

Have been on MDI for three years. Looking into Mobi pump because of the expense of insulin pens. Only reason I would go back to pump as everything covered including insulin. Which is not fair! Anyway sorry I don’t know anything about the Mobi until I see Endo in January. Hope you are able to get. Are there any other pumps that can be programmed from an APP?

That’s the same exact water resistance Omnipod has, and they choose to use the word “waterproof”. It means it can withstand being submerged at a depth of 8 feet for 2 hours. Could probably survive even more, given that these things are always conservative.

There’s no such thing as waterproof. Everything gives way to water eventually. That’s a marketing word. It’s a choice. Tandem wants users to be aware and responsible.

I am presently using the Basal IQ Control with TSlim2 since I prefer to NOT go up above 180 before the pump responds! So the Mobi allows only Control IQ because Tandem says so few are using Basal IQ that it is not worth maintaining that software!
So I will wait for another choice and NOT go on the MOBI. FYI, I do also use a prescription for OmniPod 5 which I use for extensive lap swimming in the pool and it works very well to give me some basal with intensive swimming workouts.

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Most of the time, my pump is in a leather pouch on my belt so easy to bolus on the pump. If the pump is tucked away under my clothes (at night or in exercise gear), then I remote bolus from the phone. I’d love to be able to remote dismiss alerts which I hope will come to the t:connect app when Mobi is generally released.


Mobi has a separate app.