Top 10 ways my sets come out

I find that when I take out my infusion set it’s glued to me like cement
Then why do they pull out so easily when I don’t want them to?
Here are the 10 most common ways my sets are removed.

1.Doorknob reaches out and snags tubing as I’m trying to hurry out the door.

2.After checking my display in the car tubing manages to get wrapped around the seatbelt. When I get out it’s ripped violently out. paws. That’s all I need to say.

  1. cannula comes out but adhesive is still attached. Just as my sugar reaches 400, the adhesive becomes saturated with insulin and falls off.

  2. Kids can’t resist pulling on it.

  3. Going around a corner fast and the set gets sheared off by the edge of the wall.

  4. No reason at all is just find it stuck to the inside of my shirt. pump falls off the bed and takes everything with it as it hits the floor.

  1. Same as 8 only while peeing. becomes itchy so I very careful scratch it and it comes off in my hand.

What are your top methods of removing them ?

Never lost one in over 2 years of pumping. I wear my pump under my clothing in a Spibelt.

I have done pretty much all of the above but the best one was when I was sprinting and it came unclipped from my waist band and the motion of the sprint yanked the site out. As I started to slow down, the pump went flying and beat me to the finish line.

The adhesives have gotten much better so I can say that my incidence of yanking one out has gone down and I tend to wear it on my legs so when I am working out the spandex helps to keep it on. Can also try skintac

Over ten years and I have had one pull out--only one.

I would suggest a shorter tubing. (I use Medtronic) I have been trying out the use of my arm, and the 43" is a hazard. The 32" was much better. The 23" in my pockets has always been a winner. Also, you might look at the OmniPod--no tubing.

Do you feel the tug before it pulls?

For me it's sweating. So in the summer, I use the comfort detach - I can just push it back in sionce it is a metal cannula and worry about it in the morning. We should be able to buy the infusion part separate form tubing - because they fall out.

The top reason is from running. I sweat a lot and the adhesive wears off. The infusion set usually only makes it for 2 runs. It's only like this in the Summer.

It’s really not an adhesive issue. I mean sweating and showering loosens it. But noing will save it when it gets yanked out.
I use the 23 inch tubing. Just so that when I drop it, it won’t hit the ground. I think I’ve saved my pump a few hundred times this way. Still it dies rip out from that sometimes.

1, 4, 7 and sweating are the top four. Of course #1 happens when I am already late, am rushing to get out the door, and have not tucked the tubing in properly.

I've only had a couple of pull outs. Both when I was sprawled on the couch reading, unclipped the pump to look at it and stood up forgetting to reattach it. The Silhouettes stick very well. I've "missed" a reclip in when I'm running and the set will just catch it and it'll swing, since I usually use 23" tubing, it doesn't hit the deck.

I wear my omnipod on my back and more than once, i have had it ripped off by a rail-back chair! (you know, the ones that have the vertical slats in the back)

i'm not wearing a pump right now..but, this is funny. maybe you can send to David Letterman to read on air..ha! :)

Yeah, during Diabetes Month! And on another day: Stupid things people say about D