Tandem t:slim X2 - USB Cover

The Tandem t:slim X2 has a cover for the USB port. This cover must be opened and closed on a regular basis to charge the internal battery as well as for data uploads.

The USB port cover seems to stop closing tightly after a period. For us it was about 18 months.

Big deal? No.
Annoying? Yes.

The solution is simple.
Call Tandem Technical Support and report this.
Tandem will send you at no additional cost a small package containing two USB port covers.

These are easily replaceable at home.


I had to do this recently. Strange how the plug just decided it’s not going to work after a certain amount of time.

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I am glad to hear this because the plug cover never fit properly from day one on my daughter’s pump. I will call tomorrow and have a few sent out. Thanks for the tip.

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@Sprocket1 as long as your pump is in warranty, they will replace the covers. They are also available at times on Amazon too.