Tandem tslim DIY replace battery?

I have a tandem tslim, and it shows malfunction code 4-0x2072 today which is bad battery. I reset the pump and it shows same code again after several hours. I am out of warranty, so i cannot just send it back for a replacement. I cannot afford a new one.

Has anyone replaced the rechargeable battery yourself? How? Thanks.

I’ve done it on computers and cell phones, and I assume the pump would be similar. There’s no seams or screws on the body, so it must be accessed by removing the screen with the help of a heat gun, a suction cup, and a playing card or spudger. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing you how to do this on a phone, you won’t find anything on a t:slim in particular. I have absolutely no idea what the pump looks like inside, but electronic connections usually snap together like Legos in things like this, so I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.

The problem is, you can’t just buy the replacement part off of eBay. Where would you get a new battery to put in it? Tandem certainly wouldn’t sell you parts, it would be too big of a liability. You’d have to buy someone else’s old pump to strip it for parts, and then risk possible damage to both while attempting the repair. You might as well just buy a used, but still functioning one and use it instead. Maybe Tandem will do out-of-warranty repairs for a reasonable cost? I really don’t know.

Next time, i won’t buy a rechargable pump. It sounds cool when i bought it, but now i realize that all rechargable batteries have limited life. Once the battery is dead, so is the pump.

Have you contacted technical support, even though out of warranty ? Maybe they would offer replacement at discounted cost or have another solution.

I contacted technical support, they said I have to buy a new one.