Tandem X2 and Basal-IQ


abdomen is where I wear all my dex sites. I put pump sites in my chest, legs and arms.


I do abdomen also for g5. works like a charm. sites are on the other side of abdomen. I never do any other locations.


I still maintain it is more about reliability. I think the accuracy is more dependent on have a WORKING G6 sensor.
Most people say that WHEN it works, it works great. (Not all, but most.)

Now, to me, my personal opinion, this sounds a lot more like a reliability issue than a true accuracy issue.

I have STELLAR results from my G5 with XDRIP. I have gotten even lazier. I will do an initial calibration (I usually take 3 or more finger sticks to get a better picture of my BG, and not rely on an inaccurate meter.) After that, I might do one or two more, then I don’t calibrate any more. I have went two weeks without calibrating my G5 using xdrip! And it is darn close if/when I actually check it.


this morning, my G5 was 1 point different than a meter reading. I’d call that “stellar” also. :slight_smile:


@Big_Ed, have you used an extended bolus and have Basal-IQ activate? How, do you work around that scenario?


Wow, Anthony that’s an excellent question and would love to hear the answer myself (don’t have the t:slim yet, but planning on it)


If you set an extended bolus and basal IQ activates because you start to turn downward on your trend your extended bolus will get canceled and there will be a message on the screen that will nag you with an alert to tell you how much of your bolus was delivered. I do a lot of extended boluses because I run Fiasp in my pump and also mix fiasp with Novolog in my pump. I find that with Fiasp the Basal IQ is more effective than Novolog or Humalog by itself because the insulin rate of decay is faster and it does not hang out in your system as long.


@Tim35 was saying that they turn off the basal-IQ when doing extended boluses if they think it will affect it.
I don’t have the G6 yet, but I do have the Basal-IQ enabled. It is just a couple quick buttons to turn it off and on (just have to remember to turn it BACK ON.)


Can you elaborate on that? This could be read in a couple of different ways. I assume only one of these possible meanings is what you are doing.


I still have the G5 setup, but I did get the pump updated to run the Basal-IQ.
So now I can see the settings on my pump, and see how easy it is to enable/disable the Basal-IQ.
I am on Xdrip now because I had to replace the batteries in my G5 transmitter. So I cannot integrate the G5 with the pump anyways.


If using the extended bolus for food then yes. That is probably the more typical usage.

However we also find the Basal-IQ super convenient for correcting high BG as well. We can do an extended bolus over a number of hours. When the BG is coming down and predicted to be 80 within 30 minutes than any remaining extended gets cancelled. Really works excellent for us.


With the Basal-IQ update on the pump, will the pump integrate with the G5 at all?

ie - What happens if you put the G5 transmitter number into the X2 when the Basal-IQ update is installed?


Unfortunately my transmitter expired MANY months ago. I have replaced the batteries in my last transmitter twice since then.
So, no luck (and I HAVE tried!)