Tandem X2 and Basal-IQ


I really like my G6, it has been accurate for me. I know mileage varies. However, I am very frustrated with Tandem and I am now considering a different pump. It has all started with the basal IQ update, or lack of an update. I started the process 3 months ago, and I still have not been able to work through their process to get the upgrade. Their 24/7 support does not extend to upgrades and it takes upward of an hour hold time to get through. It is tough for me to have an hour to wait on hold during normal business hours. The call back feature, once again, does not extend to upgrades. When I finally got through they said they were waiting the RX, and I should check with my doctors. 3 months? No you are not. What fool thinks there is a endo out there sitting on an RX for 3 months. I demanded they resend the request, and boom, 24 hours later they received it. I thought I was in the clear, nope! Completed the training and I have been waiting a week to get the update code. I seriously doubt it will come on its own. I don’t have the time, I work for a living. Now I am thinking if I add integration to my pump and I am not supported, well that could be a safety issue. Curious if others have had this experience.



Certainly unfortunate that the upgrade process has not gone smoothly for you.

I have never called in regarding the upgrade process but it sounds from what you describe that Customer Support picks that up as opposed to Technical Support. As you state, Customer Support is available during business hours.

The Basal-IQ functionality itself as well as all pump and Dexcom functionality is completely supported 24x7 by Technical Support.

In terms of Tandem Technical Support, I just had the need to call them a few days ago. The time of day was after close of regular business hours per local San Diego timezone. I was speaking immediately to a technical support person with no hold time as soon as I finished navigating the phone menu system.


Maybe I am being too honest with the phone tree and allowing them to push me to customer service. I have become so frustrated, I am seriously considering just bagging the upgrade


Don’t give up!
Although I have always had great service, and my upgrades went smooth (had to wait quite a while, but that was because of the VA.)

The Basal-IQ works on the KISS principle, and works wonderfully!
It isn’t perfect, but for just how simple it is, I cannot think of a mainstream manufacturer having a more simple and honestly good working system.


Got my X2 and supplies at the end of the year!

I’m not going to wear them right away. I have my first colonoscopy next Friday and started a new job in late October. I want to give myself a bit more time because I want my stress to be at a minimum so that I’m ready to focus on learning and mastering the X2.

Probably my biggest mistake, when I started 670g when it was still in a beta release, I was stressed to the hilt. That’s never a good time to transition to a new medical device. (No questions about the 670g here please; you can find that saga in this thread: Awful customer support: 670g frustration)

Anyway, thanks all for your input and for a lively discussion!


Thats great news @Regina. Please let us know how you like it.

I absolutely love the Basal-IQ. The X2 and the G6 are so easy to use.


Thanks, @Anthony! I’m stuck with a Dexcom G5 for a few months, at least. I’ll actually have to check with Dexcom on when my warranty on my G5 ends, so I can order the G6.

I figure I’ll contact my Tandem nurse now to schedule a time for after this week. Hopefully, this week will go fast, and this colonoscopy will be non-eventful.


I’ve been on the X2 since Wednesday evening. I think I might have found my soulmate. Seriously. I love it, and my blood sugars are doing better.

I had a couple of spikes but that was me: I either carb counted wrong or made some other error. However, when my counts are right, wow. I’m digging this pump.

Next, call Dexcom to see when I can get the G6. I’m ready to rumble!


Sensors are the largest cost. Assuming you are using insurance, the discussions should mostly revolve around when your last batch of sensors was sent and when you are eligible to order sensors again.

Sensors also are generally not returnable so you want to be sure Dexcom has you switched to the G6 before the next order is shipped, particularly if you are on an autoship program.

Does your X2 already have the Basal-IQ algorithm/update loaded into it?


Anthony, so is the txslim basal iq like medtronic’s 670?


They both accomplish the low suspend similarly. However, with the t:slim there are no calibrations, and it does not kick you out of auto-mode, like the 670G does. As long as the t:slim is getting readings from the G6 then its active all the time.

The algorithms are different, however they both try to predict lows, and keep you above 80, generally speaking.


Yes, that is nice. I’m not due for another pump until February 2021, so I have some time to think about it. Who knows, by then if Tandem will come out with an automode insulin pump.



As FYI, Tandem is forecasting to launch the Control-IQ algorithm as a remote update for the t:slim X2 pump this Summer of 2019. The algorithm was formerly called HCL or Hybrid Closed Loop. This algorithm is based on the work done by TypeZero.


I am so excited about Control-IQ that I can’t even contain it. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve. Summer can not get here soon enough for me.

The final clinical trial is scheduled to end this April.


I was planning on upgrading to the G6, but I have decided to back out of that for now. The sensor issues people talk about makes me nervous. Add to that that I have to deal with Edgepark and their constant BS and that is a recipe for disaster.


I started with the X2 on 1/26. It’s been awesome. My basal rates that Tandem & the doc set up were a little aggressive which I knew they would be owing to a formulary change last year which skewed things. I retooled it two days in and it’s been fantastic. I appreciate the Basal IQ kicking in when BGs are trending downward so I haven’t had a true low since I started. I have a Dexcom G6 which seems to work just find with the pump, I did get burned last week though when I started a new sensor and it was kind of buggy which led to several alarms and lost sleep. In the future I will swap out the sensor in the morning because it usually settles down after a few hours.


Yes. I know the old software would have allowed me to sync my G5, but not the Basal-IQ.


@Regina, based on your experience on the 670G, I am really curious to hear how Basal-IQ and G6 will work for you. Hopefully the G6 is on its way!


The one big seller for me when I switched was the fact that the Tandem turns the insulin back on when it gets the first tick up on the CGM sensor. I had heard the Medtronic stays off much longer. I didn’t want to have to fight the battles of no insulin on board and fighting to the the highs back down.
And again, I love my Tandem IQ! My old goals, 70% in target, SD under 50, I wasn’t asking for a lot but even these lose goals were sometimes hard to meet. But now, always over 80%, most times under 40 SD and my very low % has completely disappeared! So new goals are in the works and like you can’t wait until the next download is available. I will be signing up ASAP! Technology can be such a friend! Sometimes!


Wow! Good work. :four_leaf_clover:

I’m glad there’s a good competitor for Med-T. If I had to choose a commercial pump system, I’d definitely go with the Tandem, especially if the Control-IQ works as well as Basal-IQ currently does.

I’ve read so many remarks from former dissatisfied 670 users. That system impresses me as overly needy. Have they ever figured out how to work around the dreaded “calibration loop”?