Taping Up Your Dexcom - Multiple Choice Poll

One difficulty in making the Dexcom sensors last for multiple uses is keeping them in place. I know people use tape but I haven’t seem them describe precisely HOW they use the tape. One or more strips? Across, over, under, diagonal? I’m a visual learner and I’ve attached a jpg showing four variations. If you use one of these four, please give a reply. If you have an alternate method, please attach a description and . . . yes . . . you have to draw a picture for me.


BTW, I invite anyone with a Dexcom Blog or Blog article to use the attached jpeg and conduct the same or similar poll, and this means you Bernard, Anthony and Clemma.
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When the edges start coming up, I take a piece of “tegaderm” - the big 3x4 inch stuff. Before I peel any of the backing off I fold it in half and snip out a rectangular hole to go over the sensor. Then I put it on so the sensor is not covered but all the tape is. Sorry no pictures : )

My Dexcom sensors last about 7-10 days—still using the Dex3 (not waterproof) so i use the shower cover and leave it on until it starts to come off…~4-5 days…then replace that. I have not had any issues with the actual sensor tape coming loose…but i do wonder what will happen when it gets wet every day in the shower or pool.


I just saw this poll this evening. Let me blog about it and point back to this article.

I find slightly stretching the skin before placing the adhesive on makes a big difference. It results in it being very slightly wrinkled but my adhesive never fails. I am however still using STS-3 and about to switch to STS-7 but I do usually get 7+ days out of STS-3 sensor. The sensor readings always start to get too noisy before the adhesive moves.

I just use a polyskin vertically right over the top of the site. It gives it a lot more support, and doesn’t seem to catch on things. Not to mention water doesn’t seem to touch it. I have the Seven system. I have only gotten 8 days out of the sensors. I was really hoping on getting at least 10. Reading what I have on this site makes me wish I would have purchased that 3 day system. If anyone has any pointers on getting the sensors to last longer, please let me know.

I’ve never got more than 1.5 sessions out of the Dex 7, but I used to get 2.5 to 3 sessions out of the Dex 3 sensor.

I’m starting to feel ripped off. . .

I use IV3000’s to tape down my Minimed sensors. People regularly sell the IV3000s I use (about 2.5" square) on Ebay at about $15 per 100

Very interesting, and I’m having similar trouble:

Unless I poisoned them by hitting blood vessels, I always got 17-20 days from each STS Sensor. I took my upgrade about 3 weeks ago, and have already put in the 4th Sensor! It’s not just a “more finicky software refuses to report numbers anymore”, they have truly failed.

Dex says that they’re nearly identical, and I should be seeing similar results-- limited only by “more finicky” software deciding to cash it in a few days earlier. I agreed to order another 4-pack of expensive Sensors, but only on the condition that I get to keep my STS for another few weeks and return the SEVEN (keeping the STS) if the next pack doesn’t work a lot better than the first one did.

No tape for me. After 12-13 days, when the edges of the pad start to peel up, I use Mastisol to stick them back down to my skin. One application always lasts for all the remaining lifespan of the Sensor, which was typically 17-20 days for me (the STS, not the new ones).

But with Mastisol, you must be sure to let it dry until it’s tacky before you stick the pad edges back down. It’s kinda like contact cement-- if you stick the “parts” together (i.e., skin and loose adhesive pad edges) while it’s still wet, you can NEVER make it right again, no matter how many times you try and no matter what you do.

Hi Terry, nice jpeg! I’m a visual person too. I find that the criss cross technique works best for me. When the edges of the tape come up, for me that typically leads to increased losening around the actual insertion spot for the sensor, so I find that criss crossing the tape holds the sensor in while still keeping it on your body.