TCOYD type 1 retreat?

Wondering if anyone else is attending this weekends event here in San Diego. I got to meet face to face Terry and Norm last year. Nice to put a face to all the chats we have back and forth. Terry (along with Norm) and I are attending. So if anyone else is here and wants to meet, I suggest looking for Norm! He is a cutie and he knows it. That was how I found Terry last year.

Have fun. I met Terry and Norm at UnCon a few years ago.

Hope to attend TCOYD one of these days.

Speaking of the Diabetes Unconference, I ran into Christel Aprigliano last evening. I haven’t see her since the last Unconference I attended in 2017. I told her about the pride I felt when I watched the Congressional hearing where she provided articulate testimony regarding insulin pricing.


Let me know the next time one comes around and I’ll show up. Its a heck of a train ride, so I will need some warning. You all have fun!

San Diego is beautiful. There’s so much to do and see. It’s like Hawaii without being on an island.

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I found this highlights video from 2018 event.
Looks great!

Yeah the cool thing is this years will also be on line later. Some of the sessions are great! I think 2017 is also available! Having a blast!

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Do it yourself automated insulin dosing system, Loop has received prominent and frequent mention at this conference.

I find it interesting that both conference organizer, Dr. Steve Edelman and JDRF CEO, Aaron Kowalski, are using DIY Loop systems.

The one hour session this afternoon featuring Loop Docs writer, Katie DiSimone was standing room only packed. Almost all of the interest came from people who would like to use the Omnipod to Loop. Katie estimated that there are currently 3,000 people around the world using various forms of looping systems.

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both conference organizer, Dr. Steve Edelman and JDRF CEO, Aaron Kowalski, are using DIY Loop systems

That is (maybe) rather ironic. I hope the FDA is paying attention.