Tell me about yourself

Well, i am almost 15 and i have had type 1 diabetes since last May. I just got the Animas pump put into me a few weeks ago and its so much better and easier. Everyone can see all the extra relief I got through the way I have been acting. I love to roller blade and play the piano and do art, especially painting.
What about you?

Hi Rachel! I’m glad that you are here and you are liking your pump!

I rollerblade often too! When I go for an intense rollerblade, I turn my pump down to 50% (using a temporary basal rate) one hour before I go rollerblading and I leave it at 50% for two hours. (I hope this is understandable-- if not, ASK!). This way, I don’t have lows while exercising, which I love!

There are lots of things that you can try out with the pump and this is a great place to learn about them! Keep us posted on how you are doing!!!

Hello! Both my brother and I are type1 diabetics. We are both PUMPERS.I am very active with the Juvenile dIABETIES Foundation. With Walk to cure Diabeties, to Galas to Garage sales, To Car shows to raise money for death valley team dad and chad in October 2008. I recently won the Insppired by diabeties award 2 place from Unite diabeties, LILY, ADA.I wrote a story about my brother helping when dx to challeges i face now. And i hope someday i can receive the GLOBAL AWARD.Well take care diabeticidol94 OH YEAH I LOVE AMERICAN IDOL AND CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THEM IN AUG. And hopefully meet David Cook.

Hi Rachel! I am the only person in my family with diabetes. I was Dx with Type 1.5/LADA in June of 2004. I am using the OmniPod system and I like it a lot. I am glad you enjoy using your pump. Diabetes is what you make of it and not what it makes of you. I have never been roller blading, I am scared I might fall on my butt…lol

For fun…I like listening to music, reading and I am trying to tap back into the writer I use to be…we’ll see how that goes. I am also going back to college in the fall.

Take care,