I am so happy to find you!

I am new here. I am very happy to find you. I have been all over the net looking for a site that has real people with problems with diabetes. All the other sites I have been on have people who “YELL” at me because I am diabetic and I can’t seem to get my stuff under control.

Anyways, my name is Sarah, I have been diabetic for about 14 years. I hate it. I have never really took care of myself. I do know the problems that it will cause me in the long. I have tried many times to get myself under control but I just could not. I have also noticed some of the wonderful side effects of long term diabetes.

So my next step is… I am getting my pump on this week. I have been thinking about getting a pump for years. I have a sister who also diabetic who is a pumper. I am really excited I do think this will be what will help me get this awful disease under control.

Don’t get me wrong I have had periods of my life when I was under control. For instance I have had two wonderful pregrancency. Which I have two beatiful little girls.

What I hope to get out this community is friendships with people who understand and know first hand what I am going though.

Hi Sarah,

I think I speak for everyone here in saying that we’re happy you found us as well! I hope that you can get some answers and a little support from some people here. Diabetes is never easy, but it’s a bit less challenging if someone has your back.


Sweetie, you have found the right site. You will meet alot of very nice and supportive people here. Most of us have have times where we have done well in managing the “D” and also times when it has all gone to H*ll. It is wonderful to have others that know what you are talking about and dont put you down, just listen and get advice and support.

From what I have found out the Pump has helped many people. There are many people that will help you with any questions in that area. Let me know how it works out for you.


Supper time here in our castle soon …Welcome dear Sarah …how about if you take one step at the time about dealing with the D …till next time and take care of those girls …pumper Nel

Hi Sarah W.,
Welcome, come in have a seat and enjoy good company. Tells your good and bad we are here for each other.


I’m so happy that you found us too!!

Hey, Sarah! Welcome to the club.

Not a lot of ‘yelling’ here, but that doesn’t mean anyone gives us an excuse to slack off. After all, each of us is here because we want to have control.

Still, no one is in control all the time, and you won’t get blamed for that. We’re all here looking for answers, not just a place to whine. (Not that we don’t whine, we just get some answers to go with it.)

Welcome again!


Welcome Sarah! You came to the right place then =) Happy to see you here.

So glad to have you here. This is the most amazing place. The people here will pull you up when you feel you’ve hit rock bottom. So many years of experience to learn from, we all have had problems and issues of all sorts so don’t be afraid to ask anything. Just happy you found us.

Hi Sarah,

Adding my welcome!

We know what you’re going through. Hope you find good friends here. Lovely people to share the frustration, lend a shoulder & offer help.

Wishing you good numbers with your pump.

Welcome to our club.We’re all here to help and guide you when needed.From what I see you’ve through this longer than I have.I had gestational diabetes 12 years ago but just last year I was diagnosed with type 2.I’ve had my ups and downs as well.My name is Rosalee by the way.Hopefully you can get some reassurance you need.This is a great place to get it.Welcome.

Hello and welcome to the gang Sarah… We don’t yell alot around here but we do support each other. Including the ocasional kick in the seat of your pants when needed… Glad you found us. Support is our big thing here and friendship and information. Remember there are no stupid questions. just stupid unasked questions. Ask away and embrace the hugs ! (and duck the occasional kicks…)

Thank you all for the warm welcome… I really do this place!!!

Welcome to the TuDiabetes family, Sarah! I am very happy that YOU found us.