Temperature alert?

I’ve had the tslim pump now for 5 months. I usually charge the battery riding home from work in the car, or sometimes while I’m in the shower. Never before has it given me a temperature alert while charging the battery. But now the last 2 days everytime I try and charge it, I get that stupid temperature alert. At first I thought it was because I still had it in the clip-on case so I took it out of the case when I charged it. But it’s still giving me that temperature alert the second I plug it up to charge, and it is not in any way warm, or cold…but it seems to GET warmer as it charges…ideas?

I’m thinking that the rechargeable battery is likely lithium-ion chemistry. This is the chemistry of the exploding Samsung Note cell phones that were recalled. I would take any warning about it very seriously. Even if it turns out to be a false alarm, I would make every effort to call tech support immediately. Don’t put this off!