Thank You to TuDiabetes Community

I just wanted to post a thank you to everyone in the TuDiabetes Community. I just got the results back from my Endo from my last appointment and I owe a tremendous thanks to all of you

Reading everyone’s posts has helped me take control of my condition.

Here are the results of all of my a1c’s;

9-10-09: 12.54-3-11: 5.97-10-11: 5.711-30-11: 5.44-30-12: 5.7
Thanks to everyone!


Whoops, pardon the formatting error.

9-10-09: 12.5

4-3-11: 5.9

7-10-11: 5.7

11-30-11: 5.4

4-30-12: 5.7

Wow! What an amazing improvement. Congratulations! Im sure the credit is all yours... you've worked hard for it. Awesome... Well done!

Woo! wow, super! did you enter your numbers on TuAnalyze?

Congratulations! Outstanding improvement -- I also find that TuD makes a great member of my team.

Great Job! Do you feel better at a different level?

Totally awesome!

That is terrific, Mike !!! You were the one who did it, we only encouraged you to do what you knew you had to do. The part we played was very small, the part you played was huge. Keep it up !!!

Marie- I have not, but that is a great idea. I will do that today!

Mr. Acidrock - I feel 1000% better, when my a1c was at 12 (at diagnosis) I was tired, cranky and my family did not like me very much. Thought I was overworking myself. Didn’t realize the Pancreas Fairy was car jacking all of my Beta Islets. Everyone likes Dad much more now.

Awesome Mike, The good folks here a Tudiabetes are great but I suspect you had a lot to do with those great numbers

I can definitely relate to that. I had no idea something was even wrong with me until diagnosed... but my temper, patience, irritability, etc were all just as far out of control as my glucose. Congratulations on your improvement. I'm originally from Oregon too, Rainier-- not terribly far from you.

That is just outstanding. We knew you could do it. Great job!!