$10,000 and TuDiabetes

$10,000 and TuDiabetes

At this moment TuDiabetes has a challenge laid out for us. If we can (and the key word here is we) help people find a way to get 10,000 viewers of the Diabetes co Stars film at


Then our organization will receive $10,000 from Sanofi US. Right now we have about 3,600 views and frankly I am worried we might not make it. This is not a half done, half pay situation. It is an all or nothing proposition. If we get 9,999 views we do not get anything, if we get 10,000 views we get the money.

So this brings us to the main question who is TuDiabetes? Is it the administrators, the care team? Certainly they are part of TUDiabetes, but we know this site is bigger than just these people. I am one of these, as I work as part of the care team and I have been a member for several years. This site means so much to me both because I am a diabetic but also because of the people who rely on us for all sorts of support.

Recently we had had a spring fund raising effort. Many of you contributed. In late summer we are planning another effort to raise money for the site. But not everyone can give money. It is just not financially possible. Here then is a way you can support our site and not spend any money. All you need do is watch this video. It is a simple way to do some great good. When enough of us click we will earn this money.

Why then is this site important? My longevity here (about 10 years) has helped me understand the people who rely on us. I am familiar with moms who visit us because their child has just been diagnosed and they need to know they are not alone. I know about the type 2 diabetics who find themselves alone and confused after their doctors tell them to work on their blood sugar control. And I have met the people who come in because they are out of control and have nowhere else to turn. So I know something of the importance that his site for people who need what we offer. If you are a regular here so are you.

What you probably do not know is the cost of offering these services. Server and technical support, live chat, special guests, these are all things that cost money. As much as some of us want to believe that these things are free, or nearly so, they are not.

Now there are ways to fund this site, we can sell advertisements (we do minimally), charge membership fees or raise money from our members, like the upcoming auction. We choose to do all of them except charge membership fees and frankly no one wants to do that. But in order to continue to operate we need money and this challenge is ideal. It requires a few minutes of your time and in exchange when we get that magic 10,000 views the site will get $10,000 dollars. Oh and here is a cool thing one of our members stars in the video. That is right one of our own about diabetes and the challenges it meant for her life. How cool is that?

So here is the question, what is this site worth to you? I hope it is worth viewing this video. We need your support. This time at least it is easy. It will not require money from you, all it requires is your time and the adventure to click on the above link and watch the movie.

Please help, watch the video today.



does it count if we watch more than one time?

Yes, Mari! It counts every time you play the video :)

we jut passed the 4,000 mark. Please keep it up lets ring this bell for TUdiabetes.

Thanks so much, Rick for putting this call out for everyone to watch it. Honestly, it's a beautifully made video that everyone will likely enjoy. I hope this is the case and everyone feels compelled to share it widely!!

you know Manny it is a wonderfully made video and I just wish we were closer. If you have ideas about how I can help push this thing to 10,000 let me know. Barbara has been working ti so hard, but we seemed to mired a little until last night. We have done about 1,000 in the last 24 hours. You know 10 days of that we could breath easy and let it find its own way. At any rate if I can help in some way you can think of please let me know.


Everyone needs to see this.