A1c down thanks to my dexcom

I got the results of my if a1c since having my dexcom it went from a ugly 7 to a good looking 6.4 in three months I’m so happy for the help this device has given me. I do constantly check where I am but it’s so much better then the finger thing all the time

Nice! Congratulations :)

I lost the numbers, but a similar thing happened to my a1c.

Congrats on your success!

I too had great results, went from a steady 8 to a 6.1 in about 6 months. Even ran only a 6.3 last time, and that's a big deal because I was on a steroid treatment for a surgery recovery therapy thing. And we all know how steroids can mess up diabetes control! It was a little more difficult, but I still kept the long term numbers in check with the aid of my Dexcom!

Hope your feeling better. One big cheer for the dexcom in making life better

GREAT for YOU !!!
The technology is certainly beneficial !
I was diagnosed with Type I DM more than 38 years ago--and even with 250 BG checks a month and 7 to 10 injections a day, my A1C ran in the 9s and 10s. Within 3 months of beginning with Omnipod in May 2013, my A1C dropped to 7.7-- where it stayed. My NP is fine with the 7.7
I began DexCom 17 September 2014--and am eager to see how that may be helping me. On my Omnipod meter--and downloading the Dexcom, it seems my average BG is getting close to 150. My understanding is that the ADA recommends an A1C of 7 (???)

They do say 7 but as of late they are talking maybe more in the 6.8 rang. I am thinking you will be able to hit 7 or lower with your omi and the dexcom. Good luck to you. I have my dexcom set for 180-80 which was good for me but don’t rush it until you get used to it.

Hummingbird - It's good to read about your success. I had much the same experience four years ago when I started on the Dex 7+ system. I dropped from the low 7% range to the low 6% range. More importantly I spent much less time in the hypo range. I quickly got used to seeing the data and feel lost without it. It is great technology and it will get better.

Because the Dex helps us to maintain better numbers, it encourages us to engage more with this whole blood glucose "game." No one likes to play a game where they usually do poorly. But playing well gives us energy and motivation to try harder and that usually leads to even better number, a virtuous cycle.

Congrats on your success! It's a great feeling. I've been on the dexcom for not quite 3 months and mine is down from 8.8 to 7. I just found out today and I'm celebrating with a few glasses of wine.


That’s great news also. Keep up the good work


Congrats on a job well done!