The best resources for Spouse & T1D support

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I’m posting to see what recommendations everyone has for spousal support. I have Type 1, and although most of the time my husband is supportive, I think if he had resources that helped him cope better with my disease it would help a ton.

If anyone has recommendations on books, websites, or any words I can share with him that would be great! He does what he can to help me get through down times, he’s very well aware of Type 1 and what it is/how it works, he’s always on top of me having my supplies with me, he knows what to do in the case of a low, etc., and he comes to doctor’s appointments with me. So he is very involved and supportive for sure! I was diagnosed 3 months after we got married, so we have truly gone through this together. I know though, that it’s a huge weight for him and that resources for support might help him better understand and deal with the stresses that come along with it all.


I downloaded this one on my computer.

I wish my family and friends would read it. The videos make it interactive and cool!


@Jandy14 take a look at this.

one of the most popular live interviews we ever had here was with Joe (author of a Mile in my Shoes)

It’s well worth your time, even if you’ve seen it multiple times before (like I have)


Thanks so much!!

Thank you! I will check it out and send it his way!

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There are a number of social media sites available for coaching and spousal support. The one which seems to be emerging and was mentioned during Apple’s recent tech conference is One Drop. Their app is in the Apple app store. It was also recognized by the ADA back in April. While the app is free there is a monthly fee for some services.

I also think (but not sure) they may be part of the new Diabetes TV series which is starting on Discovery Life in a few weeks. More info is available here

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Thanks so much! Will check it out for sure!

Diabetes Unconference

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