The checklist

A list of things you have to take care of so you can safely leave the house

1.Get dressed.
3.check sugar
4.take meds and drink
6.bring cellphone – is it charged?
7.Bring meter and meds (and gel pac if it’s going to be hot)
8.Bring food for lows
9.Bring a beverage
10.Bring keys
11.Bring money
12.Bring a sense of humor
13.Allow plenty of time

1]get dressed of course!
2] i usually dont check my sugar unless i think i’m going to go low for some reason
3] grab my humalog pen
4] meter case [which has my meter, lancet device, and test stips in it]
5] grab a granola bar and a juice just in case :slight_smile:
6] car keys
7] purse! with my sunglasses, cell phone, wallet, etc. in it!

OKAY i get up, figure out something to eat, get dressed usual bathroom task we girl we multi task, shot up, eat food, maybe sneak in a tv show, forget to brush my teeth, grab everything in site to leave, pack a lunch, make sure i have my badge and my meter and a snack (no drinks need to work on drinking water). All in one hour before i have to leave for work, yikes time for work!

oh yeah purses help ALOT, or at least a back pack. through everything inside it before you have to go and you don’t have to worry about where your stuff is :slight_smile: