The Diabetes Search Engine

I stumbled across a Google facility called custom search engines. This Google feature lets you select a group of sites to search for information on specific topics.

So I created a custom Diabetes Search Engine. It searches sites related to diabetes that I’ve selected. Currently I have about 50 sites in the list, and I’ll keep adding ones that I believe have reliable information.

If you have suggestions for other sites to add, let me know. And try the engine out. You may find something out about diabetes that you didn’t know before. (If you didn’t find something that you expected drop me a line.)

Maybe Manny will make it the search engine for TuDiabetes (which is one of the included sites). Hint, hint. :slight_smile:


Just added it to the home page, Bernard… What an amazing idea.

Gotta love what we can come up these days, man!

Hey, Bernard:
I am noticing a visible delay in the home page since I added the gadget. Any idea what this could be?

I don’t know if it’s related to the gadget or not. Before it was added, I’ve always seen delays in accessing any TuDiabetes page. I’m using Firefox. I have not tried TuDiabetes using IE.

It may be related to the Google custom search. I wonder if they custom search help forum has any discussions about performance issues.