The end of the year...what did I do?

December is not a very nice month because winter is coming and I don’t like cold weather but it’s time for Christmas presents, for happy days with the family… And it’s time to ask myself : what did you do this year, Brigitte? Was 2009 a good year for you? A good year for your diabetes?
Well, I must start to tell about what was a really good thing to do this year : to ask my mayor to think about the 14 th day of November and light his city hall (one of our city halls in Lyon) in blue… and he said Yes. It was a great moment of this year. And I hope to do more next year. it was not so easy to do this, I was alone from Tudiabetes, the only one…
2009 was a normal year in my life. I won a battle with my A1C and I switched my Lantus for Levemir with the help of some TuDiabetes ’ friends around the world. I try to help many others friends/members to welcome new members and to find if there were members who have not been welcomed. I learnt to add a link with Manny! So great! I found my twin ( Anna).I started to use Facebook and twitter. I remake a roof with my sister and I feel better since 6 years. It was a good year.
And in November my ophtalmo said that my oedemia was too closed from my macula in my right eye… Did I really need this so terrible news? My next rendez vous is in March. So in December I was not so many times on, I was really down. Today I’m feeling sad but I say “that’s my life”, my type 1 is too old.
2009 was a good year for my diabetes but like diabetes we never know how will be next time. The end of december seems like a high sugar day when the insulin does not want to work.
And of course, I never write a poem for the poetry group!
It’s my come back in the community after some trouble weeks… thank you.

Hi Brigitte, thank you for letting us know about your year. It was my first full year with diabetes, and the one thing that has stood out for me is what wonderful, supportive people diabetics are. Maybe it is our common bond, but I suspect it is also the nature of the disease that promotes deep empathy for others - and you are a shining example. Despite your ups and downs, you have done your best to help others and remain philosophical about your own problems. Thank you.

Oh Brigitte, it slipped my attention that you have a problem with an oedemia in your eye. I can understand your frustration - you have made great improvements this year and now this. It is unfair and at the same time I think that your impovements will help to reduce the impact of this development. You appointment in march seem to be far away for an eye problem. It should be monitored closely or am I missing something?