Chilly October

Very nice morning still dark still chilly not many birds singing but the rain has stoppped and the ground mist is slowly rising off the footpaths near our house, had a bit of an accident knocked my big toe up had to see the diabetic nurse toe a bit bruised and bleeding a bit she took a look at it dressed it with iodine plater and bandages so hopefully it will be ok.

Hve to re-vist the diabetic nurse today to have a check on the toe but fingers crossed it will be ok, cuts and bumps take a long time to heal as you probably know I have taken my morning medication all 10 tablets for heart failure diabetis and prostrate so I rattle a bit as I plod along.

Going to have toast for breakfast then I can take my insulin all go here, our cat smudge has had her breakfast and is now cleaning herself before she retires to bed for the day, tough life being a cat.

Lots of birds chattering away now one thing you can say about Shropshire you are never far away from nature.