Two winks one nod and a hand full of jelly beans

Living here in the SHIRE makes you appreciate what a lovely place it is to live in,one moment you can be sunning yourself the next running or in my case hobbling to get under cover from the torrentual downpour, take yesterday Wednesday nice part of the week got over miserable Monday just about fully awake on Tuesday and rearing to go by Wednesday stop gabbling twiddle get on with it,6am torrential rain so hard you could hear it through the double glazed window,hobbled downstairs to let smudge out she took one look at the rain and bloted back upstairs leaving me slipperless standing on cold floor tiles with the rain drewnching my hair thank smudge I commented.
You see with a dog you buil up a relation ship but with a cat you have little or no chance cats have minds of there own and sometimes no matter how much you think you are in charge the truth is a cat will do what it wants,and they never wag there tail,but in life if you have ying you must have yang,back to yesterday within an hour it was brilliant sunshine so I thought sit outside read a book take in the wonderful Shire smells I managed to get a chair outside sat down out of breath found I had left my book insidestruggling in and out sat down again still out of breath read one page and the heavens opened up hail stones as big as Mc Donalds quater pounders came hurtling down, I got up so quick i got giddy fell over the chair dropped my book walking with Angels it got soaked eventually getting myself back inside to find smudge sitting watching my exploits and quietly grinning with a cheshire cat,no sooner had I sat down the hail stopped and it went very sunny,someone up there is having a laugh at my expense me thinks.
The day went on like that rom there on sun rain sun rain finally ending up in an awfull storm thunder the lot a day to remember me thinks not.