The indestructible omnipod!

So I was visiting my parents last weekend and my dad, a mechanical engineer, was so curious about how the omnipod works, he decided to break open one of my expired pods. (These are the new pods, not the old)

We thought it would be relatively easy to pry it open, but it was actually pretty difficult. First it was very well connected to the adhesive. Then the white cover was so fused to the bottom, he had to take a belt sander to the sides. Finally, he used a vice, chisel and hammer to finally pry it open. All told, it took 1/2 hour to break into it.

I've attached a photo. The coolest part was to see just how mechanical it is. Not a lot of circuitry, but rather several gears and springs. He was duly impressed.

Also, I swam all week and went off a rope swing (8 foot drop into the water) several times and it never came off. (This was without extra adhesive.) I feel so much more at ease having had this experience...

very cool. thanks for sharing!

I tried opening one by throwing it against concrete. Nothing. Hit it with a hammer. Nothing. Tried prying the parts apart with a screwdriver. Almost impaled myself with it.

Those little suckers are tough! :)

And to think I was worried about laying on it when I first put it on...

The older pods were easy to open in my opinion. Seemed to be only held together with a rubber gasket between the top and bottom plastic. Looks like the new one protects the electronics a little better, as it appears the circuit board is below the white plastic on the right side of your picture. It really shouldn't take much in the way of computing power to run this little guy. Less than a modern electronic wrist watch with all their features, if I'm correct on the requirements. Thanks for sharing!

I had heard the old pods were easy to open, so I was surprised at how hard it was to open the new ones. The underside of the pod is all circuits. Attaching a photo of that as well.

Both cool and frightening at the same time... to think that our health and even our lives are dependent on tiny circuits, cogs, and springs that all fit into a package half the size of your hand. We are battery-operated people. I just wish all of that technology did not have to be discarded every three days!

Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile: My almost 13 yr old daughter has been considering that pump :slight_smile: She is super duper active. Happy day!!