The Islet Sheet

Not sure if any of you know about this project but here is a recent article about it.

Wow, thanks for posting. I remember the dog studies all those years ago, everyone was so excited. then the dogs suddenly died! But, sounds like maybe that’s because these encapsulated cells have a finite life and they just need replaced. To me, this is probably the most promising ‘cure’ out there.

No problem… It helps to reinforce hope. Well, we do know that transplanted islets either from pigs or humans can function in humans at least for sometime. From my understanding this is very similar to what LCT is doing but with the exception that the sheet is removeable/replaceable. It sounds like it has a very good chance of working at least for a couple of years. I like the fact that they are claiming in the next few months they will be able to tell if it will work or not without years and years of being drawn out. My guess is they are anticipating its gonna work. I hope they can get funding.


Thanks for posting! I’ve been following LCT & the islet sheet sounds far more promising. I’d be fine with having sheets replaced every couple years or less. The promise of no hypos is awesome.

Agree that the artificial pancreas isn’t the route. Mechanical devices are not the answer.

Need to get the word out: “So if you like encapsulated islets, send your money to the Hanuman Medical Foundation, not the JDRF!”

Though I am somewhat excited about this therapy the more I think about it, Smart Insulin seems like the most by far logical fix that I believe could be marketed worldwide. Most of the pending transplant/regeneration therapies will likely cost a fortune and probably will only work for periods of time so there will be likely ongoing costs. On top of that it will probably take years even after they may get commercialized to get insurance to pay for them. If I were in my teens those things may not be an issue but in my mid 40’s and not in good financial shape I don’t see it working out so well for me.

Agree about Smart Insulin. Been crossing my fingers since I heard about it. Smart Insulin would be as close as we’ll get to being normal. Talk about freedom!

I fluctuate between being so hopeful & not wanting to think about cures or advanced treatments at all. Hope can be a dangerous thing.


I’ve been living in hope since the Edmonton protocol back in 99. Before that I wasn’t even following cure research at all. I was dumb enough to believe by now this would be a thing of the past. Moving forward I have to believe something will eventually give. I think once Smart Insulin goes into trials if shows it can work as its supposed to and proves safe it will only be a matter of time. Probably much more time then I’d like but certainly in my lifetime. I think 2014 which was a best case scenario availability is probably unrealistic. I am so looking forward to the 1st round human trials as at least we should have some answers. I plan on getting back with Dr Zion in a few months to see where they are at.

Keep me posted, if you don’t mind.