There are times when that darned itch drives you crazy for me it is in the middle of my shoulders I usually resort to scratching trying to scratch it on the door frame, some times it works the other you have to find something to do to take your mind of it, I can guarantee every night when we get in bed and this is an interesting fact My Angel asks me to scratch her back well having wings can cause problems usually she folds them all neat and tidy well i see a lot of birds scratching and cleaning themselves in that puddle of water,back to the itch is it psychosomatic and i have no real idea what that means hope I spelt it properly,you think you have a pain a itch and sure enough there it is,my back is itching now.

When or if I come back please let me be a cat they can reach parts of the body I only dream about,washing powder softener and those sorts of things can make your clothes itch especially id you have a delicate and beautiful body like mine, no Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford more like Tony Hancock a great comedian from the 50/60s who sadly took his own life pause................................................................have been on the brink of contemplating that myself more than once but my Gobblygook,made me see sense,running away from life cannot be the answer.

Back to the itch I love the Seven Year Itch great movie,great cast,itches are so personal however it can be an ice breaker meet a beautiful woman at a bar I have to confess all women are beautiful to me, excuse me I know we have not been introduced see I am from the older crowd,would you mind scratching between my shoulder blade i have a terrible itch, maybe not she might think you have some skin disease,smudge is having a good clean paws body and parts I know I could never reach.

Fingers crossed my itch has gone got so engrossed in my tale I got carried away,calm down I can hear someone shouting you need taking away pal in a straight jacket, how cruel some folks can be,next time I get that itch beteween my shoulder blades can I rely on you,keep well,keep safe ,keep blogging.

Ok, now I’ve got a terrible itch between my shoulder blades that I can’t reach. Power of suggestion is indeed a powerful thing.

LOL Gerri