The legalities of carrying around syringes

The syringe is so taboo. I am curious about the legalities of carrying one. Like Doris, I had an issue with the authorities on carrying a syringe without having my prescription. I’m guessing that if I were cited for carrying around a syringe without a prescription the case would be dismissed in court. People on pumps obviously don’t have this issue, but those of us still injecting insulin have to deal with it. I am wondering if anybody has had problems with syringes and the authorities.

Oh I pump now but these druggies make me so mad about this. It gives the police a chance to make you feel like one of those druggies too!

When I was in high school and went away to college - imagine 20-odd-to-30 years ago a teenage kid with long hair and ripped jeans away from home - I had numerous problems. Not so much with the authorities but everyone who felt they had to look out for me and protect me from myself.

Illinois laws were particularly problematic since it was impossible for a minor to legally be in possession of a syringe by some readings. So what was a T1 kid to do but to break the law by carrying a syringe?

Pharmacists regularly refused to sell me syringes even with a prescription then. They simply refused to believe that I was a diabetic and assumed I would be using them illegally. At one point it was so bad that I tried to check out the needle exchange programs for real drug addicts… then I figured out I actually could re-use syringes.

Remember that this was 20-odd years ago during the height of “AIDS hysteria” where everyone pretty much assumed that anyone with a syringe had to be an illegal drug user with AIDS, and a used syringe was regarded as a loaded weapon.

But today I’m a middle aged guy with three kids and grey hair with a government job in an underground bunker underneath Washington DC and a buzz cut. Kids assume I’m the fuzz (well, they don’t use that term anymore, I think terms like fuzz and narc probably went out of style before my generation, but that’s how out of sync I am) and for the most part nobody ever notices if I pull out a syringe and shoot up while walking downtown or riding the subway or taking the bus.

Never had a problem carrying syringes. 15 years ago I would leave them on the dash of my POS 69LTD. I was a bartender so worked late hours and had plenty of contact with LEOs never an issue.

Only had trouble once buying needles. A pharmacy had an agreement with the neighborhood association not to sell syringes without a prescription (high drug area). I was buying $200+ of insulin and test strips (no insurance, didn’t need a prescription) so I got a little cheesed off. Went to the pharmacy a little ways away and got my gear.

I was stopped for rolling through a stop sign & nothing was said when I opened my purse for my license where syringes were in plain sight. No problem with syringes at airports either. I have the Rx when traveling, but no one has ever asked to see it. Guess it’s pretty obvious to TSA that I’m diabetic with vials of insulin.

A prescription isn’t needed in my state to purchase syringes, but only a certain amount can be sold at once without a prescription. It’s also up to the discretion of the pharmacist, ID is checked & you have to sign for them.

I haven’t used syringes in 9 yrs now, but I never had problems before.If you don’t have a prescription to carry with you(plus prescriptions expire after like 30 days or so) Maybe your physician could write a small note saying you are a diabetic and must carry syringes with you, and put his name and number on it so that you can carry it in your wallet. Most police.etc are familiar with diabetes so if you are carrying syringes and they ask typically they shouldn’t have an issue, especially if you have a vial of insulin on you as well.

It IS legal here also to buy syringes without a prescription or ID or signature but the pharmacy does have discretion I learned when my pharmacy hired a new person. It wasn’t a big deal since the other pharmacist on duty already knows me. I don’t really worry about misleading cops since I have a glucose meter, test strips, either a bottle of insulin or syringe already filled with insulin, medical alert sticker on my ID, and I doubt most “druggies” would have that stuff.
But aside from the cops I do worry about what everybody else might think if they see my syringes, such as kids, employers, or new friends.
On a side note- Some states it’s illegal to dispose of syringes unless in a sharps container(even your home trash) and some states it’s ok just to drop them in any public trash bin without the sharps container.