I was thinking. Yes I do that from time to time.

It seems to me that diabetes is a lonely disease. No-one can see by looking at us that we have diabetes.

All decisions are taking by ourselves in our own minds. Yes, our partners at home know very well what we go through.
Sometimes that can make a big difference. I know in my case it does.

Whenever I meet a diabetic I like to give him a gold medal for what he/she has to go through to keep going.

Every year, every month, every day, every hour we are confronted with decision making.

Since the internet it is now possible to meet with many others with diabetes. In the field of how to cope with diabetes we learn more there then at any doctor's visit. The doctors never ask how
we feel about diabetes, they are strictly medical people. Take this pill, take that and that and see me next time.

I wonder if that will ever change. There likely is no money available for that ever!


Yes, we are lonely diabetics. In my 55 years of type 1 I have never met a type 1 face to face. I always feel that we are grossly misunderstood. The non-diabetic population always say they understand how we feel, but they have no idea. So many things I have done and lived to regret, in some way, have something to do with diabetes. It is great to be able to share stories and understand that there are people like us out there. It definitely is much more manageable in this day and age. I was diagnosed in the 1950’s and now in the 2000’s we have come a long way. Its truly amazing.

That is a fantastic achievement!