Anyone order a "new skin" for your PDM?

Has anyone ordered a new skin for your OmniPod PDM? I ordered a red one and a green one and received them last week. The colors on the website are absolutely nothing like what I received. The red one was orange and the green one, which on my computer anyway appeared to be Christmas green, turned out to be neon green. I called the billing department to return them since I did not open the package, and there seems to be a bit of confusion on how to return them. Just curious if anyone else ordered a new skin and was it the real color you ordered?

I ordered a black one several months ago during the summer…but it was black, so there was not a color issue. I hope you’re able to get them returned successfully!

The green one on my computer looks like a Christmas green, but when I received it, the color was definitely a neon green. Is your yellow one a bright yellow or a paler shade?

That is a very pretty shade of yellow…sort of like sunshine :slight_smile: Great BG number by the way.

Just a warning to any OmniPod users who may want to order a new skin for their “PDM”. After a week of playing phone tag and hassling with the order department at Insulet, they have now decided that there are NO refunds or returns of the PDM skins that I ordered earlier this month. Bottom line is…if you order it and don’t like it - too bad!!! Gives me a reason to consider other wireless pump options when they become available. :frowning:

I got a red and purple skin and both of them are the color I expected. I guess you would call it a deep (dark) red and purple.

Just wondering, does the skin offer any protection? Or is it mainly for looks?

I think it offers a little bit protection if you drop it…not that I try to make a habit of doing that :slight_smile:

I also think it makes it a little easier to grip (b/c the rubber is ‘sticky’ compared to the slick plastic sides) but that doesn’t really do much in the way of “protection”…

With a 9 year old boy using it I would definitely say it offers protection. He is less likely to drop it first of all, but it has been dropped and I’m sure we would need a new piece to hold that battery in if we didn’t have the skin. We are starting to have communication errors a lot though and I’m wondering if the skin has something to do with it?

I’m assuming the skins are only available for the newer upgraded PDM correct? I still have the original one is all!