The start of 4 week makeover #1

This morning is the official day to start my makeover on myself physically and in life. To set goals and higher expectations and to be healthy. This makeover will cover about everything in life and not just one thing like weight loss. I feel that makeovers need to be done from the foundation of your life, so that all else falls into place.

Entry #1....I weight 202 lbs and the goal is to lose over 80 lbs. To shape my body as I go with excercises, as well as cardio. Some yoga and some physical activities.

Entry #2.....To look great at my wedding especially for the photos. I love to take pics at my best. Wink...Smile!

Entry #3.....To set a wedding date and to figure out a small one or a big one. Depending on income and budget.

Entry #4......Eat more raw veggies and less meat. Be more creative on veggie dishes and use my cookbooks not used in so long. Be artistic in my cooking more.

Entry #5......Finish registrating for college, and decide if I want to major in Forensic Science or Nursing.

Entry #6......Look for ways to clear my credit and fix some flaws in them. Two other females with same names as mine, but different social securities are on my credit. Need to fix that and the credit company for the mistakes they make.

Entry #7.......Be on top of my meds and insulin more effeciently, and once married switch insurance companies.

Entry #8.......Get back into the hobbies that make me happy.

Entry #9.......Decision on Lapband surgery.

These are some of the entries I have in life to do. There are more to accomplish, and I'm real anxious to see that I do these for the year of 2010. This is my year to make alot happen so that I can be more happy and content with myself. Because doing so also benefits me with my diabetes more under control. To show that you can have a better life with this disease.

I will report on all these entries at the end of the 4 week makeover the results and start another 4 week makeover. The reason for this is to show results 4 weeks at a time. To report the results and the content of accomplishments done.

God bless me on my journey, I hope that you can make suggestions for me from time to time. Please feel free to join me on this journey. This is to show great participation and an outlook on life so great. Just need to raise your hands up and grab whats yours.

Enjoy reading my journey, this is going to be life changing for me. I always welcome changes in my life and this one is going to be bigger at the same time. I am up for the challenge. Let the games begin.

Chow chow, Patti
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Patti: you are a go getter. I wish I had your attitude. I know we have to pick ourselves back up and go again. But honestly I am tired of it. My mom went back into hospital Mar 29 and was there 2 weeks and is now in a rehab. Her hemoglobin got down to a 4. She is back up to 9.8 and I am fighting with my sister to bring her back home and go back to day care. Life is so crazy.

I did not know you were getting married. When? Congratulations and much happiness to you. Let me hear from you. Luv ya, Cindy

Hi, did you ever go through with the surgery?

Dear Cindy Carr,
Its been 8 years since writing that post. I’m now graduated from college with an Associate’s Degree in Science in Medical Management.

I did not however get a new job with that, instead I got a Non Profit position with no pay as an International Head Director of Kassanda Children’s Aid in Uganda. Been a Director for them since June 2015 the month I finished College. Graduation in August 2015, did three trips to Uganda already.

Please find me in Facebook, I have taken an International role rescuing children all over the world. Miss you, Pastor Patsy Burns.

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No I didn’t, I have become an International Head Director for Kassanda Children’s Aid in Uganda. Im now an International Advocate rescuing children world wide.

Pastor Patsy Burns.

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