The Start Of A New Community Right Here On Http://www.TuDiabetes.Org (02-14-10)

Just to start, My real name is Ashley i am from a little town called Arlington located in the northern part of Washington State. I am 25 years old i have a Beautiful daughter which we named Isabella and a Beautiful Girl-Friend Nichole. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and have struggled with this disease sense i was 14 years old. Now hitting 25 i am starting to notice the importance of taking care of ones self with this illness. I have multiple other illness’s that range from child hood birth defects in my lower back to having sleep apnea and hypothyroidism. So now turning 25 years old i am having to learn to live everyday with these illness’s and take care of my self so i can live some what of a productive life. Life has become increasingly a struggle the past few years with the onset of these medical problems and me not taking care of them the way i am suppose to due to the fact of stress and other things including my job. I recently made the decision to quit my stressful job and focus on myself for awhile and my health. I am excited to be apart of this new community and hope to learn and add some friends to my life that seems some what abnormal with these problems i have going on. Also hope to learn and be able to ask some question that i have regarding the issues that arise. with all that said thank you for taking the time to read this.

Lots of Love and Care
- Ashley

Welcome! I am very glad that you are here. I think that there are alot of very supportive and kind people on TuD and we all understand the challenge of diabetes and the impact it has on our lives. Wish you well and again, glad you are a member.

Hello Ashley! Welcome to the family! Glad you that you are here =) The community is founded based on support, sharing and information… I do hope you will enjoy your stay.

Hope you’ll feel free to ask anything you like. We all learn from each other & this is an incredibly supportive community. I’m hypothyroid also & many here are.

Isabella is beautiful!

I think I’ll be asking YOU questions!!

Welcome Ashley, here you’ll find plenty of friends!

Welcome Ashley, from a neighbor on Whidbey Island!