The start of my life

so in finding this website, I didn't realize you could blog. I have spent a lot of time thinking about the life story I could tell if I only had a place to do it. And if it involved people like myself who could relate to my story. So let me start with the basics.

I have had diabetes since age 9 month old. Before I could even spend a moment knowing what being normal was. You would think that living with diabetes your whole life, you would be used to it by the age of 28. NOT THE CASE, I have had no insurance, sold my belongings to buy insulin, spent countless days in the hospital, and beaten myself up to the core. All to be in the same place I started, a human with a non functioning pancreas. Well at least not functioning on its own. So this is the start of my new journey! To get my health under control, to use my resources and to research my life away to find an easier way to take care of myself. I decided maybe blogging about my day to day struggles might help me to release some tension and get my mind back into focus should I loose site of my goals.

Let's start with this months trials and tribulations, Kidney infection resulting in a two day hospital stay. Flank pain is no walk in the park and I am sure most of you have experience some kind of bladder/UTI/ Kidney issue in your journey, or you will. I find the hospital system to eager to jump down my throat and demand I get help for my "condition" but when I followed up all I heard was crickets. So you want to tell me how irresponsible I am for not having a endocrinologist and for not knowing how to use a short acting only to provide 100% of my care, BUT you can't give me continuing care because I don't have insurance. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE I ASK YOU? it doesn't and here is issue #1 hospital care, they throw out terms like "resistance" and "negativity" even stating in my discharge paper work that I am depressed.

So This was about 7 days ago and now I am home and just finishing up my antibiotics, and really re evaluating what to do next. I feel much better, though I am back to my tired sluggish self due to extreme highs and lows, and I am ready to feel like a normal human being. time for change!

I will keep you all posted as to my day to day progress and what I learn and experiance in my journey to recovery

We r on same boat not worry u can read my story on dd

Happy you found this site… I can imagine how frustrating this has been for you. My daughter, type 1, introduced me to tudiabetes and I can see why it is such a valuable resource. I feel like someone is always there to hold your hand and listen. I love your attitude, taking control and beginning a new journey!

I think Judith offers the best response. Thank you for finding us, we have much to learn from you.

I know exactly what you mean. After I developed a number of early onset complications I began controlling my blood sugars more strictly. All I've gotten since is resistance from the people who are supposed to be helping me to control my blood sugar. Last time I went to the Dr. I got in a screaming match with her. It is very nice to have a place to share frustrations.

My words of encouragement are these. Blood sugar control will continue to be vital to your short term and long term health and your decision to take better care of yourself is commendable.

Hi, depression does come with diabetes and many other chronic illnesses, and understandably so. You may want to see a doc about that and be put on meds which may help you feel less tired and sluggish. It may help you to motivate you when taking care of your diabetes. You sound a lot like me. I’ve had diabetes for about 29 years but I got it when I was 17. I still feel like I’m I denial and it’s a struggle continually. I have good times and bad times. Keep up the blogging. Everyone here really does care! Keep up the good work! Can you get Medicaid?