The Winning Simple Steps for Health

Announcing the Winners

We are excited to announce the winners of the Simple Steps For Health contest! Sponsored by TuDiabetes and Diabetes Daily, this initiatives goal is to share small things that someone with diabetes can do to live a healthy life - without spending a lot of time and money.


Each winning entry will receive:

By random drawing, we selected the Grand Prize winners for the EatSmart Scale ($75 value) and three $50 Gift Certificates. Those winners are noted next to their entry. We will be in touch this week to get you your prizes.


79 votes: Go To The Doctor - Winner: $50 Gift Certificate
So many people have the luxury of deciding if they will see the doctor or not. As diabetics we do not have that luxury. No matter how good you are, or how aware you are, nothing can substitute for seeing the doctor. I speak from experience, I went over 20 years without seeing a doctor, and during those years of self medication I was afraid, ashamed, disgusted and angry with myself. Today I see more than 15 doctors because of the damage done. As one wise doctor told me, it is a pay me now or pay me later proposition. Of course we do not have time, our Alc is nto perfect, we have gained weight, or whatever the excuse. I ended up dodging the doctor for 20 years, and now see them constantly. It is an uneven bargain. Save the hassle when your fifty, see the doc when your iffy.

60 votes: When In Doubt, Test
Test when you wake up, test before you eat, test before you drive, test before bed, and whenever you are in doubt, test. Fifteen seconds to test will drive the right decisions on what to eat, how much to inject, and if you need a snack. It could save a life as well, your own!

53 votes: Start Small - Winner: $50 Gift Certificate
Diabetes is an overwhelming disease that can take over your life and health. My suggestion, whether you are newly diagnosed or not is to break goals up into small pieces. Rather than look at all the things your doctor wants you to do like test X times a day, eat better, and exercise, pick one goal and split it into little pieces and build on success. For example, let's say you were just diagnosed with type II and the doctor wants you to test your blood 3 times a day, change your eating, and start exercising. Pick one of these to start working on, like eating better. Start by not going out for fast food for a week. Once you achieve that goal, cut something out of your diet that you know is not good for you, like chips or the Hungry Man frozen dinners. Try that for a week and when you get the hang of it, pick something else to change or adjust. Within a month or two, you have made major progress towards your goal of eating better and you can pat yourself on the back. Then keep going and adding to the success. Read More.

29 votes: Take a walk
Walking is a very powerful exercise that is easy for many to do. You don't have to jog, or lift weights, or play a sport, or pedal a long race to get great exercise. Just take a walk. Start slow if you have to, but anything you can do to get moving will be a great benefit for you.

24 votes: Forgive Yourself - Winner: $50 Gift Certificate
My simple step is to simply FORGIVE yourself when you make a bad decision or mistake or forget to do something or decided not to follow your plan or diet today. FORGIVE yourself, and after you do make a promise to do better and learn from your experience. To err is human; to forgive, divine. - Pope, Alexander

15 votes: Limit Your Carbohydrate Intake
Carbohydrates are what raise your glucose. Counting your carbohydrates, spreading them out over several smaller meals, and setting a budget for yourself on how many carbohydrates you will allow yourself per day, will limit how high your glucose goes after a meal. If you are overweight, setting a smaller number of carbohydrates for your budget will help reduce your intake of calories, which is the way you lose weight, and will at the same time will improve your average glucose readings.

13 votes: Adopt a Really Simple Saying - Winner: EatSmart Scale

For example, a line or catch phrase that is easy to remember. You could put it on a post it on your computer monitor or, even better, bathroom mirror!

5 votes: Whack-a-Meter

Life isn’t just about numbers. Type 1 kids have to do what they need to do to stay health. This includes mentally healthy. We all need to understand it is OK to hate diabetes. What is a more prominent symbol of their diabetes than the ever present meter and its numbers? Kill the Beast!


We got a number of anonymous submissions that couldn't be eligible for any prizes (since we wouldn't know who made the submission). We were particularly impressed with these two:

16 votes: Prepare Snacks Ahead

Prepare five easy snacks the night before and then sleep feeling in charge, then take the next day on in charge.

31 votes: Laugh

Always look on the bright side of life, yes it’s Life of Brian.


Thank you to all who submitted a Simple Step or voted. We look forward to sharing these great ideas with the wider community of people with diabetes - and generating more in the years to come.

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