Theme park

what do most of you guys do when going to a theme park like six flags? diabetes wise? i’m going to go to six flags soon and i have to really think ahead. have any of you guys had problems with getting a soft ice cooler into a park that has your insulin in it???

I live in texas and i went to Schliterbauhn water park in new braunfels. Its cool because they allow you to bring coolers to the park. Meters dont work in the heater so I put mine in a plastic bag inside the coolers. I never seen people bring in coolers but I am sure with diabetes they can make an exception. I would call the ahead and see what they can do for you.

Also have you ever seen this thing

Once upon a time when i was on insulin I used similar stuff to travel.

When I go to Busch Gardens, here in Tampa, my meter and my insulin do fine in my wife’s purse. Plus with all of the walking around, if I lkeep my meals reasonable, I don’t need quite as much insulin either.

frio pack and a locker, should pretty much cover you, there are soo many concessions throughout theme parks if you start feeling low, but just get back to your locker periodically and check your blood sugar, but just have fun maybe even run a like 170bg just to give you a little cushion from walking and etc…

The security folks at the park entrances have never had any problem with me bringing in Frio pouches or little-mini-insulin-bottle coolers.

Don’t over-pack. It’s just a day or two. I like to plan to keep some “not the freshest” insulin vials around for such trips and leave the “main insulin” at home in the fridge.

Sort of emotionally, not overdoing the packing/worrying, and instead on having fun with the family, is something that I’ve made a little way in conquering but not gone all the way.

I myself have not really conquered the issues with water rides etc. but I suppose a locker in the shade would go a long way.

I’ve been to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey many times (I also worked there for two summers while in college). If there’s anything that needs to be refrigerated or kept cool, you can always take it to the First Aid station and let it sit there all day. They may direct you there to leave syringes, but if you don’t, no one will really know. The only problem is that you have to go back there to retrieve it, even if you’re on the other side of the park.

As far as bringing food in, I think common sense prevails. If you’re bringing in a footlong sub sandwich and a bottle of soda, they may give you some problems. But if you have a bag of pretzels or a little bit of hard candy, it shouldn’t be an issue. Most of the people at the gate are college students that really don’t care what you bring in with you – this is just a temporary 3-month-long job for them. But if in doubt, call the park in advance.

We have never had any problem with bringing in my son’s medical bag. We keep all of his diabetes management stuff in a backpack. We even have snacks in there for him. Just let them know right away that you are diabetic and that you need the supplies. We have the main medical bag (which I usually always have), then my husband has a meter and fast acting carbs in his zipped up shorts pocket (since he is usually the one to go on the rides with our kids), and my son carries fast acting carbs on him. Just in case we get seperated, we want to make sure he has what he needs. Have a great time!

At Six Flags they usually want to look inside your meter case at the gate. Explain what it is, and they will be less ‘suspicious’. I couldn’t take all my stuff with me on rides, however I knew I could eat anytime if I was low (food everywhere!), so I wasn’t worried about that. I actually took my meter, syringes, and insulin (back when I was on MDI) to the first aid building and they held it for me. I had to fill out a form and show ID to leave it there, and then when I returned to use it I had to show ID again. Same for when I came back to take it home with me.

I just got back from Six Flags Magic Mountain. They don’t allow you to carry any type of bag on to most of the rides but helpfully they rent lockers at the bottom of each ride for $1 a piece. Nice for them. I brought a bag with me and it was a bit of a hassle. Next time, I’d carry everything in a pair of cargo shorts.

If you don’t have one already and if you use insulin pens, the frio insulin cases are great.

I usually loaded my insulin into an empty bottle and just blasted away all day.

Just curious, which six flags are you going to?

the six the flags in valencia close to la.

Awesome! I love 6 flags <3 :))

My son has been several times and has had no problems getting his supplies in - just show them and tell them the reason. Shouldn’t be a problem.