Therapy Cat

Has anyone else seen this remarkable story? I want a therapy cat!

Our 14 year old Maine Coon / Siamese, Winston, is a bit of a cremudgeon. But, when one of us is sick he will be right there to comfort us. He was a great help right after my DX while getting my BG under control. Not sure he would catch a siezure, but dispite all his bluster he is a sweetheart.

Wow, thanks for posting this cool story, Trudy! What's amazing is that the cat had just been adopted and didn't really know his owner yet! See, says this cat lover, cats aren't just cute!

Hi Randy and Zoe. I've always considered bonding and family relationships to be so important with my companion animals. Winston sounds like the perfect pet, and I bet the same is true of Zoe's companion(s). So amazing that this Now-Therapy-Cat was an instantaneous life-saver!

Hi Trudy. Thanks for posting this great story. Whenever I have the flu ... sore throat...coughing variety ... I tend to sleep intermittantly throughout the day. At such times, it is rare for me to awaken without a warm kitty wrapped tightly around my neck. It's so comforting. :)

Hi Joanne. I keep telling my husband that we need a kitty. Now I have proof!

My fluffy bed-sharer (more like bed hog, but never mind) Dizzy has awoken my husband on at least two occaisions where I was in a terrible low. It doesn't surprise me at all that this happens, since animals are so keyed into our body scents and moods.

Hi Aislin. Yes, our companion animals really are keyed into us. However a lot of them don't know what to do about it when they sense a problem, my Goldens for instance. It's great that you have a smart Alert Kitty!