Things are looking up!

I just got out of the hospital today. Had my gallbladder removed, so I wont be worrying about that anymore! I should be able to get back to the gym in 4 weeks.

It was only supposed to be day surgery but apparently I dont need as much pain meds as most people, and it knocked me on my ■■■, I dont usually take anything stronger than advil so the heavy duty pain meds are a little too much for me to handle! I couldnt leave until I could stand up on my own 2 feet!!! hahahaha

I also got the results of my latest A1C which is 6.5 at little up from the 6.3 last time but I figure it is because of the gallbladder issues that pushed it up a bit. I am still under 7 so I am pretty pleased with myself.

I dont have much of an appitite yet so I have to really watch myself and at least eat a piece of fruit or a slice of toast now and then.
The surgeon did a great job and the nurses were amazing an very kind, they tried very hard to keep me comfortable which isnt that easy as I have a phobia about anesthetics…(bad past experience…long story)

Anyway, I am grateful for the great care I was given and I am sure I will recover in a timely fashion. Now if you will excuse me I am going to go back to bed for awhile! LOL

Yay for no more excruciating gallblader pain. Rest up. Hope your healing is swift.