Thinking about pumping

I am working on my fifth month of T1 life, mid-February will be five, and I am having great numbers with several low periods throughout the day. Nothing serious yet, but I am not having any noticeable issues when I’ve dipped below 70 and that fact makes me nervous. Plus, the ease of a pump seems fitting for my on-the-go lifestyle. I have labs to be run yet, due in February 3rd to get them taken, and then we will know more about how severe things with my system are and, perhaps, find a reason for my pancreatitis and DKA.

If my labs come back and things look favorable for my getting on the pump, I fully expect to speak with my endo about that prospect. I am accepting any and all advice or commentary on pumps, the commitment it takes, and the different changes that can come into play with this treatment addition.

As for life, I spent most of today working on graduate work: residency essay, an essay that might make an appearance in a professor’s published paper, and my first cover letter for the semester. Things are smooth in that department. Lots of work done today. I think, for now, I am going to spend the rest of the night dedicating my time to Bourdain’s The Nasty Bits, which is a smattering of fun stories about his various times in kitchens. Good stuff.