This Disease Is Hard

A few years ago I didn’t know what insulin was, what a blood glucose meter was and the difference between a hypo and hyper. Today I know too much, I know what it feels like.

I wouldn’t wish this on anybody, and if I was given the choice to just pass it on to somebody else… I wouldn’t. All I’m asking for is a break. Justt a few hours, a day. Time off. Helpp. Hope.

I don’t want to indulge in a tub of ice cream or have five sugars in my cup of tea. Just be able to eat an apple and be okay.

My family don’t know the slightest about this disease. No time to learn about it. No time to help me with the load.

Being lonely isn’t fun…

…This day isn’t going well.

I said sorry for what ever it was I did to deserve this. I said I’d do better next time.

Next time came and sorry wasn’t enough and that chance I asked for didn’t turn up.

Ahhhh this game isn’t fun anymore =( My chips are running out.

I hope everyone else is having a lovely day though!
Love to you all <3x

Ahhhh I’m thinking I might just indulge? Thank-you Danny, comments like that always cheer me up =). Ahaaaa indeed we did wahoooo! Same to you, have fun whatever your doing!

I hear you Becca and I have those feelings some days too. We all find different ways to cope, but just know that you are not alone!!!

Becca…cry if you want to, yell if you want to, and let yourself have a poor me day, we all understand and care about you! Letting it out makes it better…and shopping! :slight_smile: Oh, and a sundae like Danny! xxoo

Thanksss =) Ahhhh I’m to poor to shop at this moment in time. The sundae sounds good though! Yummm x

Becca, thanks for sharing your feelings. I feel like this a lot, and TuD helps me out so much when I’m feeling low down. I’m also following a bunch of members here on Twitter, which is fun too.

You’ve just reminded me it’s that time of year to keep a box of sugar-free creamsickles in the freezer. they aren’t too many carbs. I learned about them here!

hoping tomorrow is a better day for you!