Support, please!

I am sooo discouraged w/ this illness…

oh yes…i know those days. i have them often. whats up? anything specific? im not on a pump yet…but the frustration is well known.


Never give in to it! Yes it gets so tiring and discusting but I made my mind up years ago it wasn’t going to take me down. I was going to live with it! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! HUGS your way!

We are all discouraged sometimes, just take a deep breath, go outside and smell a flower, pet a cat or dog ( if you have one)
take a walk in the sunshine. This too shall pass. Your #'s will be different tomorrow, and you will go on. We are all here to support you when you feel down. OXOXO

thanks! I forgot insulin at lunch (only done this couple of times before) so had BG of 360. I used to think I’d handle this no matter what , but been getting really down lately… not just blood sugars:)

Sincere thanks everyone!

I guess i’m curious to know what is discouraging you today? perhaps we could give better support if we knew your troubles? if not…if things are too overwhelming to be specific then that’s okay too. Either way Janny, I’m sending you good energy and i hope things improve in your world.

One day at a time… that’s how I deal with it. Believe me I know that it is soooo frustrating at times (well… most of the time) =(

watch this video:

Janny, please trust us, WE ALL HAVE THOSE DAYS! and sometimes longer. Then what I have to do, is slow down, and take some deep breaths. Honestly. I have to look at how really simple taking care of me is, and how much better my life will be if I do take care of me. Being diagnosed with diabetes isn’t a great thing to hear, but the alternatives that we could have are so much worse. That said, I have firmly taken to writing down those feelings and keeping a journal of my “D”, if only to see that I’ve been to this spot before, and what came after it, what did I do to combat the feelings of frustration. Then I’ll look at what I’ve been doing, am I relying on the numbers to define who or what I am…that is wrong, I am a person, a woman of many talents and fine qualities. I look at what I’ve been eating, if I’ve been taking meds and exercising like I should. 9 out 10 I probably haven’t been, and thus my frustration.

Keep your head up, do what you can to get healthy and stay there…this isn’t the end of the world, and there are so many people who care about you here. And if your frustration, depression etc keep up, hey there is always a therp who can help you. We’re here…for you…hugs

You are not alone. We are more than 15 000 on this website.

We all have these days, it is normal.

Sometimes, I said to my little voice inside “Why worry about things you can’t control when you can keep yourself busy controlling the things that depend on you”.

I have diabetes and couldn’t do nothing about this fact. But what can I do that could make a difference ?

funny…i AGAIN forgot my nighttime insulin night before last and was so done…being a diabetic…lmao! it is frustrating…

Yup, The Big D is a PITA. We’re here for you.

Isolate some elements that are weighing you down. I try to think about a funny aspect or twist of some points to make myself feel a little like I have the “upper hand” some days. Find creative or active ways to vent frustrations, like organizing your bazillions of diabetes supplies, or designing a new log book to find “problem” spots.

As everyone said, we have these days. I get through by reminding myself that I have made it this far and have a long way to go… for a reason!

Hi! I hope you’re doing a lot better now…I must tell u i was feeling like that this past week and have those days of feelin fed up with being diabetic, but unfortunately i can’t change that and u can’t either. We must learn to live with it.Don’t think of the bad moments u have because it will make u feel worse. I did the same thing got fustrated at how high my results were getting and now i started walking every day and i’m back to my diet so that helps me feel better. If you don’t take care of yourself no one will. So just hang in there it’s possible…I’ve only had diabetes for 2 yrs and i still don’t get used to it. But i wishu da best!