This Disease is Just Too Damn Weird

This morning -- normal bolus, normal meal, PP 1 hour: 199.
This afternoon -- normal bolus, normal meal, PP 1 hour: 82.

"I'm forever chasing moving targets . . ."

[ Sigh. **end of rant** ]


Dang it, I finally got zeroed in on the target but someone had to go move it. I feel for you brother.



Leftover correction mixing in with lunch maybe?

I can so relate ... Yesterday at lunch I was 8.6 (155) and 7.5 (135) at two hours ... Today at lunch I was 9.0 (162) and 14.0 (252) at two hours ...??! Exact same breakfast and lunch both days (weighed).

Its just a burp day, don't sweat it. Could have been a false high too..