This is a weird one!

I know this is going to sound really weird and no one else I know of has ever heard of it. Everytime there is a full moon, my blood sugars go low for several days. So low that if I don’t set my basal rates down, I will be in the 30s and 40s all the time. Does anyone else out there experience this??? Then after a few days as the moon begins to wane again, my BGs begin to normalize and I can set my standard basal rate again.

I never paid attention to the phases of the moon when I tested my BS. But I am now! i’ve heard of the seasons affecting control, to I have a lot of things to watch.


Cool! I mean, it’s not good for the changes, but it’s cool that you figured that out. I’ll have to see what it does to me. I know the few days before my cycle I have persistant lows and I end up having to lower my basal. I’ll have to see how the moon effects me.

As Cara suggests it may actually be your menstrual cycle, I run high when I am ovulating and low at the begining of my period. But, the moon does affect people in strange ways also.

Thanks but this phenomenon is separate from my cycles. I had that one figured out and couldn’t understand why all of a sudden my BGs were so low when everything else seemed to be the same (you know: food, insulin, activity, etc.) and somebody flipently said, “maybe it’'s the full moon!” So I started tracking it and it correlates every time!!


You’re a werewolf. With diabetes.


Maybe, but what I want to know is if there are any other werewolfs out there? With diabetes?

I’ve never looked at changes with the moon, but mine do change when I go to places with different elevations. This could be just a change in pressure of the blood or something strange, but I tend to have lower readings at higher locations … I dono kinda strange.

No, but I go low like clockwork when it rains!

I wish this was my case. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I am type 2 (IR) so, running low would put me in a good place. Well - let me clarify, running lower would put me in a good place. :slight_smile:

When winter hits, it will be interesting to track the rain correlation.

It’s a full moon now but, I’m also ovulating so, I’ll have to wait for that one.


Yes Donna there is another werewolf out there, ME. I have noticed the same thing, it has happened the past 8 months now. I need mine to be lower so I don’t mind so much. The moon effects alot of illnesses and effects alot of people in different ways. I noticed that during a Full Moon, my cat gets depressed, just lays around and does not want to play, when the moon is waning, he is bright and running around. So there you have it. Something for all of us to think about.

That might be barometric pressure causing hormones to go wild! Just ask the maternity unit.
So now we not only have to worry about carbs, outside temperature, activity level and duration, hormones, illness, stress levels, time of day, insulin freshness and injections sites, alcohol, fat, fiber and protein consumption, (what have I left out?) we also have to worry about the moon, rain, and elevation! I say we should be proud of ourselves for any semblance of control we are able to maintain. Who knows what other factors effect our #'s that we have no clue about.

Laughing at Terry.

Change is bgs according to the moon were not covered in the book Twilight.