This Is Just Crazy!

My insurance (Aetna) won’t cover my Lantus, nor Novolog. Even though the Humalog and Levemir cost $150 more.

Talked to insurance - they said they get a discount so the $150 doesn’t matter to them.

COLLUSION much? What a racket!!!

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It usually works for your doctor to write your insurance co. a “letter of necessity”. It might be worth a try.

I agree, however none of my docs challenge insurance.

Genie, it is your body, so think you should very nicely insist that your doctor do as you ask.

This stuff really varies and can be rules from insurance, your particular plan or even the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM). I have Aetna and it covers Lantus but considers Novolog as a branded non-preferred medication.

Aetna covers Tresiba, perhaps you could try a sample of Tresiba? Also you might find that your insurance covers the new Basaglar which is the biosimilar for Lantus. At least one PBM announced they were not covering Lantus and instead were steering patients to Basaglar.

Yes I agree it’s a racket or more appropriately a well woven web

Humalog here is running $270 a vial! I remember paying 18 bucks for it :frowning:

Here is a link for the Patient Assistance Program for Lantus.

Here is the link for Novolog

This helped when I lost my coverage and also helps if your insurance does not cover it.

Best of luck!

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My doc gives me all the insulin I need. Any kind that I’ve ever asked for. I used to get Novolog vials from him, Lantus pens, Novolog pens, Humalog pens, and currently just Humalog vials. Have you asked your doc about freebies? They don’t usually offer, but they do provide it simply by asking. It NEVER HURTS TO ASK.