This new webpages I can’t stand anymore please change it back

Sorry but I hate the new web site. I really miss the old page/place were you could share a part of you, the loss of sending emails to this new setup. Not seeing and adding friends as easy as we could was what made me happy now all my good friends are gone. Part of diabetes was making friends and sharing similar feelings and thoughts with a close group was awesome. I hate the new site. Miss Manny’s comments also…

What new web page. It looks the same to me. Although logging back in was an adventure.

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Could you be referring to the Ning platform, where TuDiabetes started?

I will have to agree with @Trish1 the Ning platform was a much friendlier platform. Before the change to Discourse TuDiabetes was a much friendlier place.

When we transitioned away from Ning we lost the social aspect of our community. What we ended up with is merely a discussion site.

I wish it was possible for us to return.


Have you visited

Unfortunately, there is no way we can go back to Ning.

My list of wishes is endless, but why keep dwelling on something we can not change again? :frowning:

As a newbie here I am unaware of what I am missing…


The Ning platform was superior in many respects, but . . . . we have what we have now, until something better can be acquired. All we can do is make the best of it.

“You can’t fix yesterday.”


How is it possible that the “Community” link STILL does not work!?!

I can. Less strings, more Paul. :wink:

Which one?

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I have disliked and not used the new website nearly as frequently. Kind if pushed me away. Not friendly.

At what point in time, did tudiabetes become an “unfriendly” site? I don’t understand that description of the site, quite frankly. It’s a website. PEOPLE can be unfriendly, or friendly, a website can be easy or hard to use, but “unfriendly”? Perhaps you mean “difficult”? I have a link to tudiabetes. I land on the page that shows the latest posts/threads. I click on the ones that I’m involved in. that’s about it, for my usage of the site. Perhaps I’m missing something?

this is my browser link for the site:


To add to the historical context, tuDiabetes used to be hosted by Ning. It was migrated to the current configuration in 2015, as noted above. Each platform has strengths and weaknesses (which was why a change was contemplated to begin with), but what we have is what we have. Without expressing any editorial position, the only way to go is forward: make the best of it until something better can be arranged.


The transition from the old format was more challenging when starting at the main page. But if I go to current site as dave44 suggests, direct to forum, then it’s about the same.

But i know others used the old main page to get to specific subtopics, and that seemed to be harder to find what you wanted after the transition.

Depending on my screen size and browser, the current main website does not always show the option for forum. But if I expanded window I could see it. Easy once I figured it out. Or better to bookmark it to go direct !

I have only been here a year so I guess I don’t know what I am missing. I like this format however compared to other sites.

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