Continue to wait for my pump

I do have a long vent once I do get my pump in my hand but for now, I continue to wait. I check my insurance company’s claims and see if there are any update such as pended, etc. I do hope to hear by the end of this week or next and get my pump the week after. I really want to start feeling better and lower my high alert on my CGM.

I dream about using my pump and of course trying different infusion sets. I see in the Animas group those who have just gotten their pump and I feel left out a bit. I am so impatient for my pump as MDI just gets to me. My leg gets bruised up good from the Lantus injections and that is where they told me to do the shot. Doing correction shots hurts at times and I rather tell the pump to give me this much and not feel pinching, etc. I am loving my CGM as it does help me realize what is going on.

Overall, I am getting a bit tired of waiting! I just wished I could get my pump now. I just want it in my hand so I can hug it and read the manual, etc. I am probably driving myself nuts in looking at the claims of my health insurance but my god I want it to say that its in there! I know that the CGM didn’t get entered until 2 weeks after the paperwork was put in. But I cant wait any longer.

So stay tune to my long vent that will come after I get my green ping.

It must be agonizing to wait – I remember waiting for mine, but luckily, I didn’t have to wait for long. I REALLY hope you like it once you get it – me, I’d never go back. I was on shots last September/October because I was in the hospital for a coma, and then in a rehab hospital to get my BGs back down (long story), and they wouldn’t let me go back on the pump until I saw my new endo a week and a half after I got home. 2 lows in one week – UGH!! I was never so happy as when I got back on my pump. Got my fingers crossed for you!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Natalie!! Everyone does say you wont go back to MDI…I dont want to keep doing MDI anyways…I rather be pumping so I know that there is insulin in me at all times (unless the pump does something funky) but can not wait I’ll tell ya