Thoughts, truths, and tears

Not unlike most of the alt-prose I write, this will once again range in scope, context, humor, and validity…Have fun!

The plight of man…To find meaning. A lot of us have found meaning through disease, loss, success, loved ones ect. We have a need to attach ourselves to a cause that will give meaning. It seems rare that this will happen out of the blue. It takes a moment, something sublime and existential to push ‘us’ towards that goal of creating meaning. Meaning differs as great as the organisms on this planet. Which is right? More important? More vital? More religious? More beneficial to humankind? Simple answer-none. Your meaning/your purpose is that of futility. We scramble for answers, we scramble for truth. Many have spent lifetimes postulating this very question. Why? Why on earth do we need this type of thought, this ethos that consumes the masses? Who developed that paradigm that people need to “find” anything? We can’t just live, and have that be it? It needs to be more? So many questions that breed nothing more than infinitely more questions. It is this very need that consumes me, drives me to find revelations. It is this quest that reminds me that something greater than myself has a plan. It’s not about any certain type of god or belief, it’s about the need to be heard, affirmed, loved, and held. Scientist cannot even begin to postulate about the very beginning of existence-other than the fact that something happened-poof-bang, and now there is this vast void we call space/the universe. A lot of biological-astrophysicists will say that life on earth began as a simple amino-acid born from the skies above (space/somewhere else). Out of this simple, but complex happening, we eventually came to be. Sentient beings, capable of thought, rationalization, socializing, love, critical thought…wow. So here is my point. Are we going to be wasted vessels of complex evolution and complex (greater) design, or are we going to continue the trend of upward growth? To continue that ‘upward growth’, we need to find meaning, attach it, and describe it. Meaning can be found in a moment, loved one, nature, words…It’s this meaning that drives us to create something greater, something beyond our own existence. So what are we going to do to make sure that others find meaning in what we have been through? What are going to do to make sure that our struggles become a catalyst for human growth and exploration? Light a torch, blaze a path, and take on the convoluted circumstances that we all trudge through everyday. Illuminate a path for others to continue the journey, to find meaning, to create truth, to grow upward…even if it’s as simple as words on a screen or page.