Why Do We Exist?

My first reaction is to say I don't know. However, I know in my mind that we all exist for a reason and with a purpose in life. Jokingly I've said that I was born with a big mouth and that my purpose in life was to suffer adversity so I could use my big mouth to tell the world about it. . I don't really have a clear answer for this one because I think I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Yes I'm 45 and I don't think I've fully matured. LOL. In all seriousness I believe that you don't really understand the reasons for your life and why what happened to you has until your last days. I think as you go through life that each day is another step in getting to know who you are and finding your purpose in life. Different events on each day of our life shapes us into the person we are destined to become. Sometimes we take detours and then get back on track. With that in mind it is hard to say at any stop along the way what your true purpose is and what the true course of your life will be. What if you've stopped to make that analysis during a detour...then you don't have any idea how your life will be shaped once you get back on the right road. I just take each day for what it is and hope that my decisions for that day will lead me to where I should go. The question of why I exist is really one I don't think I wish to answer because there is no real purpose to examining that in my mind. I do exist and that is all that really matters. I exist and I should make the best out of each day in my life.

Hugs to all
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