Throwing Up After Eating Cereal

I don't eat hardly any carbs, but cereal is my weakness! Espcially Frosted Flakes...mmm!

Lately though, evey time I eat any kind of cereal, I vomit it all back up. I feel as if it has become a bigger deal after I went DKA this summer. I'm pretty sure I'm not lactose intolerant considering I can have cheese, yogurt, milk, etc.

Not really sure if its D related or not? Any ideas whats going on??

Is it maybe psychological? Some level of the brain connecting cereal with carbs with the DKA experience?

30-40 years ago when I was diagnosed the standard ADA-approved hypo treatment was (believe it or not) a spoonful of sugar mixed into a half cup of orange juice. After having this treatment forced on me back then in the hospital.... I find just the thought of it is enough to make me want to throw up! I never ever (hardly!) drink orange juice mostly because of that psychological experience at a young age.

Frosted Flakes.. your kidding right!!!!...I sense that your body is trying to save it's self, I would consider Frosted Flakes to be the same to a diabetic as Kryptonite was to Supper Man. (It killed him)

Actually on the serous side... stop eating them and switch to Lucky Charms.....mmmmm
Many, Many, Many PWD's cannot eat dry Cereal without having a massive BG SPIKE . I cannot eat it successfully, and have tried all of the tricks...

Haha Lucky Charms?! No way! Everyone knows Frosted Flakes are where its at :)

I always cover for it, though. Yeah, it takes a little more insulin than usual, but its worth it because its so tasty...until I throw it back up..haha.

I’ve had problems off and on with cereal but I’ve noticed the biggest problems I’ve had was when I had a really bad flair up of gastroparesis. Everytime I ate any cereal it would be the same situation, throw it back up. Other foods didn’t bother me as much, but cereal definately did. Now my gastroparesis has resolved and I haven’t had anymore issues with the cereal.

I eat Kashi cereal. Berry Blossem and I don’t have any trouble with that cereal. Others do cause a really nasty spike,

What are your glucose readings before you eat this? I agree that it is an "Are you kidding?" kind of food for a diabetic. But vomitting is a symptom (WAKE UP CALL) for very low glucose levels. If you are low and eat food like this, you may get sick Check you readings before and see if they are lower than you expected.

Maybe some sort of celiac issue would be the problem, since many cereals are grainy? I'm not sure if Frosted Flakes are corn or wheat flakes?

I eat cereal and do ok with it. Cap'n Crunch is like 22G of carbs/ serving which, while not my favorite breakfast, is not totally out of the realm of possibility for me.

I LOVE cap’n crunch!!! But try to eat healthier if I’m going to indulge in cereal. I think Frosted Flakes are corn flakes, and therefore shouldn’t be a problem with celiac. BUT it’s not saying that food doesn’t get cross contaminated. I know some celiacs so sensitive if something has just been laid on the same table where food with glutten was prepared they can have problems.

Corn is often a problem for Celiacs. I have Celiac Disease and cannot eat corn, soy, or shrimp as well as not being able to eat gluten. Corn flour is a really big problem.

Well shoot, I really hope its not Celiacs!

Today my glucose was 120 before I ate it, but it usually is my go-to low food. Maybe that's the problem!

I can't dose for cereal either, and it's one of the foods I really miss since DX a few years ago. I used to love having a bowl in the evening as a before bed snack.

I have found though, that certain cereals are easier than other. Frosted flakes, raisin bran and a few others are all really rough. As the box says they are "high in fiber" yet have 50+ carbs for 3/4 of a cup and are REALLY high on the glycemic index.

On the other hand, my Count Chocula (marshmallows and all) has 19g of carbs for a cup. Even though it also hits quickly, if I'm at say, 70, take my bolus 20 minutes of so before hand (that way my insulin hits whil the food is spiking) I don't have too great of a spike for it.

Also, I agree with the people here saying it could be mind over matter. The first time I ever started to really loose it from a hypo was in the shower. Now I have a mild panic attack almost any time I set foot in one....

Try it with soy milk! I have the same problem (not throw up, but burpy and nauseous) when I eat cereal with regular 1% milk, but when I eat it with soy milk, I don't have that problem. It also has more protein that cow's milk, so helps to reduce that BG spike. I also prefer Vector, which is high in protein as well.

Rosanadana's response was, Always, it just goes to show you, it's always something--if it ain't one thing, it's another."

You will probably never know for sure....can you give up those "Frosted Flakes".... theirs hope for some of us, maybe someone out there that knows of a good 12 step program...;-(

Hi Saraemillie. You might try a little corn in some other form, like in a vegetable soup, and see if you get a bad reaction. You'd find out whether you're having a problem with the cereal or with corn.

Btw, I like a bowl of Greek Yogurt with a sprinkling of Arrowhead's Organic Maple Buckwheat Flakes on top to give it crunch. Some carbs but no spike. You might try Fosted Flakes that way.