Time to update again!

Ok I’ve had alot on my plate here latley with my hubby and his bleeding ulcers! Me and my oldest had him diagnosed with colon cancer! Long story there but any way I have a 4 month old granddaughter and a 22 month old one now! I’m waiting on my slowpoke daughter to get me some pictures to put up of them! Grandma pride here!!! Their so cute!!! I get to babyset them again tonight b/c it’s mom and dad’s anniversery today. I love doing that the only problem here is Savanna just got her shots for 4 months today can we say cranky??? I’ll bet she wikk be later tonight but t’s been so long since either of mine got those shots that it will be like a new experince for me!! My bs have been running good so far and no hospital visits yet! I guess I’m poking along here! It’s getting cooler now in TN so I’m not sweating out the infusion sites anymore. That was a problem for me back in June and July but not now!!!