Time to update!

I was reading my blog post and saw where it said my granddaughter was 9 months old! Well time for an update. She isnow 14 months old and my Type 1 daughter will present us with another granddaughter in April! Everything in the old post is pretty much going on still. As for me well I keep getting carpa tunnel sugery done 1st on my left wrist and as of last Thursday I got my right one done and blood sugars well let's say I've done better! HA! All this surgery hasn't helped them out for the last 2 months! Well them and alot of stress going on right now! What can I say it's life maybe after Christmas things will seddel down a bit! Have a great Christmas and I hope everybody reading this get what they want! Peace and quite would be nice for me!

My daughter, her husband and my granddaughter have moved back in with us along with my 17 year old daughter and my lovely husband and it seems that I can't get away from these ppl no matter where I go!!! The house is way too small for 6 ppl.........Well 5 ppl and a 14 month old!

Hi Doris!Good luck on your surgery.I hope it helps.How was your Christmas.Mine was good.We do a Secret Santa thing with the presents.There are just too many in the family to buy for.When you include your family and their husbands and wives it gets to be too much.We buy 4 presents for 25$ and under.A person’s name gets picked.That person chooses a gift from under the tree.The second person cansteal it or choose another gift.It goes on like this till all the gifts are gone.It can be lots of fun.

So nice to hear about Type 1’s having kids. I’m newly diagnosed Type 1 and keep hearing about the dangers more than the “life keeps going” positive stuff. I was starting to worry that when I’m ready to start a family it would be way too complicated.