TMI warning -- AF looks grainy/large clots

I apologize for the graphic nature of this post.

Ever since I was diagnosed with T1 & hypothyroid, my natural, no birth control periods have been very heavy and painful. I have to change pad in middle of the night and every hour or two during the first three days. About 2-4 times a cycle, I have a clot that soaks an entire pad in itself, or through a tampon, through my jeans, through to the seat I am sitting on. When I look in the toilet, my blood looks almost grainy, like it is full of little dots of clots. I just thought this was because I had diabetes and my blood had more sugar in it. But then I searched it the other day and a lady posted pics (on a general health site) of what it looks like and people freaked out and told her to go to emerg! Lol.

Is this really horrible? Has anyone elae had this? I have told my doc about the heavy bleeding and she put me on bc, which helped. But my bf and I are thinking of trying for a baby and I went off the pill in Dec. And my periods went right back to the way they had been. Thoughts?

Some people just have heavier flows than others. You clearly have a very heavy flow when off of birth control, but that doesn’t necessarily make it unhealthy. It’s difficult for me to picture your description, so I really can’t tell you if mine is similar. Also, I’ve been on birth control for years, so my memory of my period while off of birth control is fuzzy.

If you’re interested in trying for a baby, it might be helpful to visit a doctor anyway. A gynecologist (not just a nurse practitioner) should be able to tell you if what you’re experiencing is normal/healthy. She may also have suggestions on how to handle a heavier flow and ways to prevent developing anemia.

You should probably see a gyno about this. In my experience most Dr.s don’t seem to know enough about this stuff to make a diagnosis. It took years to figure out that I had endometriosis because none of my regular Dr.s mentioned that there could be anything wrong with me even though I repeatedly told them my symptoms and no one even suggested that I see a gyno.

BTW diagnosing some of the things that can go wrong with our reproductive systems can be pretty invasive so you may not get a firm diagnosis but seeing a pro about this stuff will at least get you a direction to go in towards feeling better. In the meantime have you tried sabina? It is a homeopathic remedy for heavy periods and it does wonders for me.


I don’t know if this is helpful, but it talks about women and autoimmune disease. Of course, I would argue that ALL people have trouble getting proper diagnosis, not just women. But, I have taken a man with me to the ER before to ensure concerns delt with.

I agree that you should see a specialist, like an OBGYN, especially since you are thinking of getting pregnant. But, never be afraid to go to the ER if something strange or concerning is happening.

P.S. I stopped taking BC at age 30 due to concern about side effects like blood clots.