The contraceptive pill and clot risk

My gynaecologist wants me to start the contraceptive pill to help control my endometriosis. I’ve tried the mirena iud previously but it made the pain worse so it was removed. I’ve read that type 1 diabetes with any blood vessel damage or nerve damage - retinopathy and neuropathy- which I do have can increase blood clot risk. I’m 43 years old so age is also a risk. Not sure what to do !? Any experiences with the taking the pill with diabetic complications appreciated.

So sorry, I have no insight on this one. I am long past child bearing years. And what I was told oh so many years ago, is probably not very current.
But my only suggestion here is your gynecologist and your endocrinologist need to get together and discuss what is best for your complete well being. Your doctors need to remember you are not just one condition. Everything needs to work together and work with your life. Good luck and get your doctors talking.

Thank you. Yes. I did speak to my endocrinologist who said the risk is higher for diabetics but still not huge so I have to decide quality of life on the pill if it helps my endometriosis vs risk etc. You are correct though all the medical teams need to interact with each other with these sort of things. The gynaecologist just said I’d be fine without consultation with my other doctors.

I stopped taking the pill when I turned 30. But, I am also a smoker.