Too early to test?

Hi everyone I am just curious on your thoughts if it is still too early to take a test? According to the ovulation chart I have been going by I was in high fertility the 6th threw the 10th and ovulated on the 11th. We "tried" on the 2nd and the 7th(we are not trying real hard but just seeing what happens lol) So I am just thinking it is still too early to test but I have had some highs that I am like "were did you come from?" so that is why I am so impatient. Also my cycle is a little longer than normal it runs about 35 to 38 days. Thanks ladies.

I found out at 4 weeks pregnant, but it was a VERY, VERY faint line. :) I think it just depends on the person.

Might show, might not. There are "early detection" tests that are designed to show at lower levels of pregnancy hormones, so get one of those if you decide to try early.

I found out the day after my period was due, and it was a pretty solid line. I tested because I had a cold and was taking medicine, then had the thought, "Wait, we've been TRYING. I'm only a day late, but I'd better make sure before I take more cold medicine." (My periods are somewhat irregular, which is why one day didn't make me more suspicious.)

Looking back, mystery highs were DEFINITELY one of my earliest symptoms. Plus, added stress and being more tired than usual. But I feel now like the high BGs should have made me wonder more than I did!

i got my positive 10 days after ovulation. it was faint but there. i also used a early detection kit that was very sensitive. i went to my gyn and she barely got a positive on the urine test but pulled bloodwork and sure enough i was pregnant.

my cycles run a similar length. usual the time from ovulation to your period is 13-15 days even if you have a long cycle so test away.

My first pregnancy symptom was unexplained high blood sugars. This was just a few days after conception.

Use a digital test, first pee of the morning. I found out day 27 of cycle! Doc didn't believe me. 13 weeks now, so I guess I was right :)