Too much!

Both my daughters are taking swimming lessons this summer and I admit that I am amazed how exercise plays such an important part in diabetes management. I make sure I check Olivia before she swims and try to have her be above 200 before lessons start. She is on low doses right now (probably because of her age and because she is still Honeymooning). She gets from 2 to 3 units of Novolog at Breakfast with 1 and 1/2 units of Levemir. We think that she is currently experiencing the Dawn Phenomeon (mispelled??) or going through a growth spert because her numbers have been all over the place and then throw more exercise than usuall into the picture and sometimes it can be so stressful and frustrating.

Well at Lunch time (after swimming lessons), Olivia was in the 200s - I think 220. High, but we are still adjusting her doses and trying to find the right combination. I know, your probably going to say “Put her on the Pump”. My answer - “I wish I could right now, but my heart says that she is not ready” + plus a little fear within myself (and my husband). She won’t leave a band-aid on for more than 5 minutes! Anyway - back to my story. I gave her the insulin and then my husband asked me what her number was. I told him and then I said “Oh S*it” I gave her her dinner dose instead of her lunch dose, which means I gave her 1 whole unit extra!! We didn’t stress too much about it. Olivia was on cloud nine - A great lunch, plus a treat of candy to make up the difference.